Another oldie...Have you ever



Have you ever put ice cream in your coffee?


More like putting coffee on my ice cream…it’s called an affogato.

Have you ever broken a window?


More than once…the most memorable was the windshield of my car…I was moving some things in the garage, and a long pipe cracked the windshield…fortunately, I had a very understanding insurance agent…the last window I fixed was broken when my dog, Sadie, went ballistic when she saw a cat in our front yard…she broke the window with her front paw…fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.

Have you ever repaired a broken window?


No, I lack the relevant skills so when the need arises I pay those who have them.

Have you ever met the Apostolic nuncio to your country of residence?



Have you ever met your bishop?


Yes, on countless occasions, including once at a Mass he celebrated for which I served as sacristan.

Have you ever driven a car equipped with studded tires?


Yes…it was a '71 Buick LeSabre Custom with a huge engine…I found out how well the studded tires worked when one of them went flat, and the spare didn’t have studs…I hit the brakes, on ice, and the one studded tire grabbed, and the car pivoted on that point, and spun…fortunately, no damage was done…

Have you ever cut someone’s hair?


Yes. As a teen I convinced my cousin to let me give him a haircut. :haircut_man:. It wasn’t very successful.

Have you ever overlooked a meal to the point it was no longer edible?


Yes indeed :sunglasses:
Have you ever been interrupted by the phone so many times you felt like screaming.



Have you ever put down the phone to answer the door, and forgot to get back to the phone call?


Not yet…I’m sure it will happen sooner or later…

Have you ever bent over and split a seam?

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