Another oldie...Which do you prefer?

Just as the title suggests…

Lager or ale?

I prefer ale.

Chocolate…milk- or dark?

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Sean Connery or Roger Moore?


I think Sean Connery.

Oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookie :cookie:

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They’re both good, and my wife has great recipes for both…
Oatmeal raisin!

Cheese: Cheddar or Swiss?

Swiss cheese yes

*Baked potato or french fries

Baked potato…sometimes there’s a compromise…I really like jojos - a baked potato cut in wedges, dredged in seasoned flour, and deep-fried, like French fries…

Wine: sweet or dry?


Wine :wine_glass: red or white?

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Red (Pinot if you have it)

Summer or Winter


Spring or Fall?

Fall - harvest season.

Music: Jazz or Classical?

Jazz, It’s more upbeat.

Big house with small garden or small house with big garden?

Small house with big garden…that’s what my wife and I have now…

SUV or sedan?

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SUV. They look bigger and better for traveling.

Hamburgers or hot dogs?

tough choice
hot dogs, but the burger has its place

ocean or mountains

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Mountains…I enjoy hiking and camping…

Pie: apple or peach?

Peach :peach:

Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?:icecream: :ice_cream:


Cheeseburger or filet of fish

cheeseburger :hamburger:

Pizza :pizza: or pasta :spaghetti: ?


Wolves or bears (which would you rather run into)

Wolf :wolf:

Lions :lion: or tigers :tiger: ? (What animal do you like better)

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