another prayer thread

A recent post on these forums is regarding praying for a loved one and supposedly not getting what was asked for. The poster had prayed for a relative that eventually died from their illness. The poster wrote that they had prayed for healing, recovery, and peace.
In my view the relative that eventually died did get at least one of the things the poster had prayed for. Peace. This person is no longer suffering. I guess sometimes we really don’t know what we are praying for and have tunnel vision as to how things should happen. I hope the poster finds peace of their own in someday realizing that their prayers we indeed answered. Blessings.

Our Lord works in mysterious ways.

God knows best. Also, we cannot know that the person is no longer suffering; we mustn’t forget about Purgatory!


“…We cannot know that the person…” I suppose this is true whether one believes in purgatory as the catholic church teaches or whether one believes in some other form of purification process as taught in some other religion. So I suppose we can’t know for sure if someone that is deceased is suffering or not.

This person may have obtained “healing, recovery, and peace” in the next world. It may be at times we get what we ask for but in a way different than what we imagined.

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