Another Priest, Christmas gift question


I think it is getting lost in the other thread.

I have not given my priest his gift yet for Christmas and was thinking that the $50 restaurant certificate is getting a bit boring…we’ve given the same one for 7 years now. What do you all think of a $100 savings bond for $50. It matures in 20 years and he is 51 years old. Thanks for any input!


No idea, so what did ou decide? We gave cash…


Thanks, I guess cash is best. I don’t know if he still likes the restaurant and my husband doesn’t think the US savings bond is a good gift. Just a thought. Thanks.


I still like the restaurant gift idea. Most priests today do not have housekeepers or cooks helping them (remembering my childhood parish in the 1950’s).

God bless…

  • Rob in Oregon


Along that idea how about a simple cook book. One of the priests who uesed to be in our parish moved to one without a cook and he has to cook dinner for two at least 3 or 4 times a week. At first all he made was pasta, but he said he is trying to learn new recipies. Maybe one of those 30 minute meal books.


Have to say, a savings bond is more like a gift grandma gives a kid.

What about a Amex or Visa gift card? He can use that anywhere.


LOL Grandma gift…thanks for your input

I was considering his retirement :blush:


The Visa card can be used for anything, including retirement.

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