Another problem :(

I was going through the photos on my facebook account and noticed that in some of these photos I was wearing a necklace with a cannabis leaf thing on it and a wristband containing the same cannabis imagery. I have untagged myself from these photos, but I am still worried and I am nervous about asking these people who put the photos up to take them down.

Just ask. Or you can do nothing and maybe after while you will not care. Explain why you would like them to take those photos down. If they do not want to because they are also it the picture, then that is their choice and I would say do not push the issue if that is the case. You will just seem crazy :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it! That does not seem like a problem worth worrying about to me. So what if there is a picture of you wearing a weed necklace. Laugh about it :wink:

2 things I would like to add, 1. why is this bad? I see no problem with it.

  1. Why would anyone want to erase where they came from?? It is a history of yourself and your journey and shows people and yourself where your road started and where it is today. Don’t erase your history it is a part of who you are.

And in some places - such as my fair state - it’s perfectly legal. The only problem the state is having is figuring out how to tax it. :slight_smile:

Where it is legal, it is no different from alcohol.

Perhaps the better question might be why were you wearing them in the first place?

These pictures were taken in a time before I took my faith seriously.

Fair enough. Perhaps a good lesson in the use or misuse of Facebook.

If it were me, I would simply ignore it and move on. If anyone questions it, your simple answer should be enough.

And if the simple answer is not enough, move on - they are not worth the time to text anything in response beyond the simple answer.

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