Another purity struggle


So I’ve struggling with impurity for quite some time. I’m a college male who lives alone, so it’s easy to fall to this sin often.

There are times where I’m very strong, but others when I am weaker.

I haven’t had the time to ask a priest this, but after I do fall to this sin, I feel so awful (you’d think that’d be strong enough to stop me…) and I constantly worry that bad things are going to happen to me and those I love because of my impurities?

Am I insane?

A priest has told me we are never completely separated from God and that He always loves and forgives us, but I can’t help that feeling…


Not insane, but it is easy to let the guilt about these sins build up to the point that they cloud our judgment. Then when that happens, we are anxious, we are not on guard, and it is easier for us to fall again, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle. Pray for purity, go to confession, and learn how to be on guard. Learn to control your thoughts–it all lies there. If an impure thought comes along, change the channel, so to speak. If you’re alone when the thoughts come along, run–go outside, go for a walk, go talk to a friend. This is one of those fights that is won minute to minute, inch to inch. Trust in the Lord and his mercy, and be watchful over the intellect he has given you.

Know of my prayers for you.



It’s important to go to Confession when you mess up like this. Also, I would ask the priest if and when some of this stuff is a mortal sin in your case.

My own advice to you is paraphrasing a priest I once knew: if these impurities involve pornography or fornication, it’s really important for you get these out of your life. Pornography is going to interfere with your spiritual life and fornication carries other worldy risks like disease and of course getting a woman pregnant.

I would suggest to keep yourself so busy that you have time for impurities. Also, try to pray the rosary daily and try and get to daily Mass when you can.

These things will help and you can beat this.

I don’t think what you are going through is insane but normal. :shrug: Now, that doesn’t mean you should just accept the status quo, but there’s no reason for you to feel the need to bash yourself over it.


Keep going back to confession, as often as you sin. This will give you the sacrament’s grace and strength needed to fight the temptation. I would also encourage you to go to the same priest whenever possible. Going to the same priest and discussing the same sin, gives us a certain strength as well. It’s not always comfortable to do so, which in my mind is just fine. We’re less likely to believe “I’m addicted” and more likely understand that it is through our fallen nature, a free act of disobedience, that we sin and it is within our control not to do so.

A little daily prayer to start and end you day is good as well.

Christ will forgive us always when we acknowledge our sin. We are never to despair and believe that we can not be forgiven. That is the evil one putting thoughts into our head.



You should look for a way to stop. One way would be to start praying whenever you feel tempted. Or go take a walk. Or, perhaps, start praying instead for the person if it is a particular person. I understand how you feel–it is a common problem for Christian men.


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I hope you don’t mind if I share with you some things that I believe may help you.

Id like to quickly suggest a great piece of software called K9 Webprotection, it’s completely free and very handy to force safe search on all your internet search browsers.

I would also like to start by sharing with you three extracts out of the book ‘Imitation of Christ’ by Thomas A Kempis regarding temptation and then several other things, all of which I have found to be very wise words in my humble opinion.

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I would also like to recommend wearing a scapular if you are not already -

I would also like to share with you a bit from a post by littlestsouls2 on another thread that I believe to be very good.

Also A Helpful Tip for Overcoming Temptation.

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I also believe meditation on the Passion of Christ is a great way to overcome temptation and I believe this booklet is extremely beneficial -

The Passion -

And I would just like to end by quoting the following -

And to remember -

I hope this has helped. :slight_smile:

‘Jesus I Trust In You’ (St Faustina)

God Bless

Thank you for reading


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