Another question about headcoverings

I understand the purpose of wearing a headcovering to be an outward display of the submission and obedience one feels in their heart. It has to do with modesty in the physical presence of the Blessed Sacrament and developing a closer relationship with God.

So please explain why a woman only wears her headscarf in Mass and Adoration, and maybe in private prayer? Why not all the time?

After all, don’t people want to constantly be aware of their humility, and be a sign to everyone of submission and obedience? Even when we are not in the same room or building as the Eucharist, Christ is still aware of what we are doing. Didn’t Mary wear a headscarf all the time? If it makes someone able to be more prayerful when they wear it, why would they ever take it off?

I wear a snood almost all my waking hours. For I try to keep my head covered when in prayer and we are called to pray always. I do try to wear something not extremely noticeable when in places that it might bother others unduly.

Didn’t Mary wear a headscarf all the time?

Mary was also Jewish! :thumbsup:

The whole argument about wearing head coverings because Mary did doesn’t make sense to me. Mary was Jewish, she wore traditional Middle Eastern clothes, she lived in an adobe hut, she got married as a young teenager…

We aren’t called to follow Mary’s PHYSICAL example. We’re called to follow her SPIRITUAL example: her complete openess to God’s will, her purity, her humbleness, etc. This can’t be done just by dressing like Mary. That sort of thing has to come from inside. You can wear a scarf 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you’re following Mary’s example.

No disrespect to head coverings or people who wear them. It’s a choice and if it helps you with your spirituality, then that’s great! I’m just trying to show that just because Mary did it doesn’t mean we’re supposed to do it also.


Well I’ve heard people wear skirts all the time cause Mary didn’t wear slacks, so I thought headcovering was kind of the same thing. And that people cover their heads in Church cause she did.:shrug:

I’m not into that stuff though, I just am trying to understand all the little fads I see people going through in the Church. Why people do things the way they do.:slight_smile:

I’m a guy, so obviously I don’t wear a veil to Mass, but here’s my understanding.

Women don’t constantly wear a veil for the same reason I don’t constantly have candles floating in front of me and Gregorian chant playing wherever I go. I often do these things when I’m doing my serious one on one time with Our Lord, but, even though I try and pray constantly throughout the day, these things are markers and reminders to me, things to help me focus, on the fact that *this *is my special time, this time belongs *only *to God. Throughout the rest of the day I’m praying, but I have to do other things too. The veil, and other sacramentals we use during our ‘serious’ prayer help to remind us of Him more fully when we’re spending time only with Him.

I’m not into that stuff though, I just am trying to understand all the little fads I see people going through in the Church. Why people do things the way they do.

Just an aside - I don’t know that you can really call a tradition spreading over 1,000 years a ‘fad’. :smiley:

If you wore a headscarf all the time then donning one for Mass wouldn’t make Mass seem like a special time set apart for prayer.

However traditions vary. The Queen wears her crown only on special occasions, but the Lord Mayor of London wears his chain for every official engagement. Mary wore her headscarf all the time, because that is what Jewish women did at the time. Probably she was a peasant though we can’t be sure of that. If you’ve ever tried to work outside in the Middle East you’ll quickly understand another reason why.

Just don’t make the covering, skirt or any other form of clothing IN YOU FACE.

I wear a snood (a large hair net and yes it is old fashioned) but my hair is longish and it is practical for me. Oh and I don’t have to spend $400 in a hair cut (ME BAD):wink: I don’t ask others to do so. Yet, many people will approach me (even when at the Mall) and ask where I got it and how much they are. If I can I give them a pattern or the internet address of the company that makes my head coverings.

As to skirts. I find them easier to work in, less restrictive in movement and being more modest is a bonus.:smiley: Now when going mountain biking I wear pants they can’t get caught in the spokes.

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