Another question about private vows


Hmm well not quite I think… A vow of celibacy means no marriage. A vow of chastity doesn’t just mean being chaste according to ones state of life, it means committing yourself to a perfection of chastity which means something more. Unless of course someone just vows chastity according to their state of life, but that is not the typical way people mean a “a vow of chastity”…

A person would break a vow of celibacy through marriage. They’d break a vow of chastity not just by marrying but by any impurity in thoughts or actions, OR marriage. It is a self gift to God. :slight_smile:

What I’m trying to express is that a vow of chastity is not just a vow to avoid a type of sin. It has a positive side not just a negative. At the heart of it, it is an offering of yourself to perfect chastity in virtue of religion, which would be broken not just through impurity, but marriage or dating too. It is all about loving God in a more exclusive way.


Dear Father,

I sent the email. I hope to get a response tomorrow.

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I am sorry for my error. Thank you Father Ruggero and Monica for clearing that up.


That’s ok! I’m learning too :slight_smile:


I have been requested to post formulas of a private vow of chastity on my website. I never do this because of similar issues. This is why I always advise people to get adequate formation first before making a vow and to make sure that their formula is valid. I also get questions regarding dispensation of private vows… Religious have many years of formation…


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