Another question about Retrouvaille


Okay as a non catholic I’m very interested to know…Retrouvaille…Is this base on stricly the catholic faith or is it more general? Can any christian go and get something out of it, or do you have to be a member of the Catholic Church? DH and I aren’t currently having any difficulties but I’m always up for new ways to improve communication.


It is absolutely open to anyone. It is Catholic based, but not in an overly done way. There is not a lot of actual ‘Catholic’ content to it, except that the Sunday mass is offered, but not required. You don’t have to go to mass if you don’t want to.
It is also not only for the most desperate cases. If you are having any issues in your marriage, it can help keep them from getting worse. Many people wait until a crisis to look for help, but when you feel something is not right, when you know there are grudges being held, unhappiness, or a feeling of distance in the marriage, it is just as appropriate to get help then instead of waiting for it to blow up. You don’t have to be right on the verge of a divorce for Retrouvaille to help you. So feel free to check it out!


Like Teakafrog said it is open to all and not geard to Catholics.
For our session this year there was mass on the Saturday and Sunday but it was not mandatory.
Also at our session there were people from different religions and denominations. We had a Sikh couple and a Jewish couple, so…


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