Another Question on Meat and Fridays


I know this area gets lots of questions, i have done a search for an answer to my question and couldnt find one that explicitly mentions this.

It is a mortal sin to intentionally eat meat on Friday’s during Lent. It is not if you unintentionally eat meat.

BUT what if you got down to the last bite of a sandwich and then remembered it was Friday, then went ahead and ate the last bite because you had already messed it all up anyway? I had one Catholic friend tell me not to worry about it because i am still learning and everyone has forgotten at some point and i didnt do it intentionally…but i went ahead and ate the last bite…


Your logic doesn’t follow. If it isn’t a mortal sin to unintentionally eat meat, then how have you “already messed it all up anyway”? It would seem that, not having intentionally eaten meat, you haven’t sinned and, thus, haven’t “messed it all up” at all! Eating meat intentionally on Friday can’t be justified b/c you eat meat unintentionally.


i guess what i am asking is did i take a venial sin and upgrade it to a mortal sin when i finished the sandwich and thereby need to go to confession?
And the more i think about it, fret about it and question it, the more i think i know the answer :frowning:


I don’t know, but if you are fretting about it - just go to confession. When in doubt, confess. If I had to guess, I’d think it was still venial b/c you didn’t eat meat to defy the teaching of the Church, you did so thinking you had already blow it. Even though that thinking is wrong (at least IMHO), I think you’d still be in venial sin only. BUT, that is just my opinion and I’m neither a priest nor a moral theologian.


I would go to confession also ust to ease my heart :slight_smile: and make yoursefl feel better.

The CCC sections 1854-1864 talk about mortal and venial sins. You don’t have all 3 requirements for a mortal sin so I doubt it is mortal.

I have done this myself and so has my husband. After we realized, we said and Act of Contrition and talked a little to God about it. I myself finished out my meatless day and then offered another day up without meat (Sat) as a sort of self inflicted penance…lol. I went to confession on my next opportunity.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it :slight_smile: We all make mistakes.


Your profile says "conversion in progress’; I assume this to mean you have not yet been received into the Catholic Church. If that is the case, then you are under no obligation yet anyway. If it bothers you, talk to the priest who is preparing you, and don’t stress, in the meantime.

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