Another question . .

Hey everyone, this is like my third question in the last three or four days :smiley:

I am a Latin Rite Catholic who occasionally attends a Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic Church (I love the diversity and the unity of our Church). My question, for those of you who may have been baptized Latin Rite Catholic’s and now attend Eastern Rite Catholic Churches, why did you do so? Was it the liturgy? Did it seem more traditional?

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For me, it was the much more “in our face” theology, and the beauty of the liturgy itself. Add to that symbolism that works for me (much of the Roman symbolism doesn’t resonate with me), and the different approach to purgatory/theosis.

What is the difference in view of Purgatory between Western and Eastern Catholics? Both agree that there is a final purification, right?


Byzantine Christianity has the doctrine of the toll-houses (too complex to explain here)–but this is quite controversial.

There is some kind of purification, but Eastern Christians, by and large, prefer to leave many things undefined and paradoxes unresolved.

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