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Why are Catholics so accepting of other religions? Such as Islam? Okay, maybe accepting is a bad way of putting it…why do you believe that all relgions have some truth in them when Jesus himself said;

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

So what makes the other religions have anything right in them at all?


I’m not sure it is accurate to say that Catholics “are so accepting of other religions.” On a personal level, some are, more than others. On the level of official teaching, that found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, there is no question that the Church teaches that the fullness of Christ’s revelation to men is found only in the Catholic faith. Other faiths, especially those derived from Catholicism, such as the Protestants, retain a measure of this fullness. Each religion has to be taken on its own terms, since each is unique in its teachings.


I speaking more in terms of non-Christian religions.


All religions have some measure of truth, whether large or small. Most teach that a life of good deeds is a worthy and noble aspiration. That seems to be a true assertion.

Some religions have some teachings that are identical to some Catholic teachings, such as Islam, which condemns homosexuality, as does the Catholic Church. These religions have a measure of truth corresponding to their teachings that are in line with Catholicism.


Stew, think of it this way. Islam teaches that there is only one God, not multiple gods. That PORTION of Islam is correct. Many other portions of Islam are false, but THAT PORTION which proclaims monotheism is true.

That’s all that Catholics mean when we say we recognize “elements” of truth exist within non-Christian religions. Does that make sense?


But they still worship false gods, and


Yes it does. Thanks a lot.


It was C.S. Lewis who said that Christians recognized truths that are taught in other faiths but were we differ, Christians are right ( He was Anglican). I would say that the Church, as has been stated in this thread, recognizes aspects of truth in other faiths, as with some of the examples which were given. But it does not say that those of other religons will be Saved, AND it also does not say that they will be condemed to eternal Hell either. Remember the Bible says that Christ wishes all to be saved and it teaches that He died so that all could be saved. We believe that if a person through no fault of his own being “invinsibly ignorant” of Christ still has the POSSIBILITY of being saved. Not that they will be, but the POSSIBILITY of being saved exists. That being said that salvation is only possible because CHRIST DIED in the first place, and IF they are saved it is because God in his MERCY has decided to apply the effects of that salvation to the individual. The Church proudly, boudly and truthfully proclaims the Gospel of Christ, but also recognizes these facts which I have laid out. :wink:


What do you mean by “accepting”?

The Church does not teach or believe that “all religions have some truth in them”.

The Church acknowledges truth where it exists.

Anything that is true is by God’s grace.

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