Another Reason Hollywood Stinks

…And why the ten plagues being dropped on it would do a lot of good. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the whole Left-wing “oooh corporate greed…evil” that bothers me…what bothers me is,

They are remaking RoboCop :mad::mad::mad:

Hollywood seriously needs to board up their doors and windows with this and the Red Dawn remake they have completely lost any originality they have had. All I see in Hollyweird are a bunch of childish X/Y-generation types trying to relive their childhood by poorly remaking films from their childhoods.

All I can say is what’s next…what’s next from Hollywood huh?
*]Evil Dead starring anyone but Bruce Campbell?
*]Back To the Future starring Miley Cirus?
*]Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark starring Channing Tatum?
*]Wall Street starring Shia LaBeuouf (oooooh wait…)
*]Beverly Hills Cop starring Jay Pharaoh (wait…that actually might be good :hmmm:)
*]Roxanne starring Jonah Hill?

Seriously I don’t know why anyone watches a movie coming out of Hollywood anymore…nothing is original.

I hate to break it to you, but they already are working on an Evil Dead remake.

I don’t really mind remakes as long as they’re good. That doesn’t happen often, but I’m open to it happening. :wink:

The Robocop remake has sucked in Gary Oldman and Hugh Laurie.

Also this not the first time Robocop has been revisited:

Thats why I stick to my anime and to movies from the IFB (Irish Film Board). If anyone has yet to see the movie Ondine I strongly strongly strongly suggest giving it a go. You can stream it on netflix if you’re signed up for that, otherwise try blockbuster or a video store equivalent. You won’t be disappointed! :thumbsup:

I don’t go to Hollow-wood movies. I did go see “The Way,” but that was an indie film so not technically Hollow-wood.

There is a severe poverty of good films out there even though summer is high season. Meanwhile, movies (even remakes) that would look great in mOdern SFX land in development hell. What gives???

It’s the End Times, man. It’s all been predicted in Revelation.


Want originality? Look at Hong Kong and Chinese cinema.

Remake I am interested in watching is Logan’s run

Um yes…Hollywood is very lame these days. I am a screenwriter in my spare time, and the 2 I am trying to sell right now are quite original…one of which has never been done in film before…but the answer is always “no, this is not what we are looking for at this time” or “no, this is just too controversial”


Chronicles of Narnia is original at least :3. I don’t know if they’re actually with Hollywood though, or if they’re still coming out with The Magician’s Nephew.

Gasp Sputter Choke :confused: Wha? :mad:

I especially hate when they remake classics…like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…as much as i love Johnny Depp…there is NO Willy Wonka like Gene Wilder.

As much as I love Gene Wilder, I did enjoy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I think there are still some original screenplays coming out of Hollywood, I don’t see very many of the big action type movies anyways. I never saw Robocop the original, just not my genre so its not a big deal to me that they’re remaking it.

I am not big on action movies either…I never saw Robocop…probably never will. I like dramas mostly.

I wish so much that one of my scripts would sell…I am really not big on the whole Hollywood atmosphere… “lets do lunch babe” that kind of thing…lol…I do not fit in that kind of crowd at all. And that is probably why I have not made it anywhere near the business yet… my shyness of getting myself out there and meeting people in the industry… But I would love to see my scripts on the big screen. That would be the end all for me. Well, ok, i would like one academy award before I die…just one little one…lol :smiley:

Me too. It actually stuck a lot closer to the book in many ways, which I appreciated.

I guess remakes don’t bother me so much because the originals are still always there. If the remake stinks, it will quickly fade into obscurity.

God has a plan for you and your talents. It sounds though that you do no want to compromise your values to sell a script and that is admirable.

The heck with Hollywood…I wanna see a new reality TV show on Bravo: The Real Catholic Housewives of Modesto.

That would teach 'em.:eek:

No-one could ever make a comedy as laugh worthy as Red Dawn again.:wink:

This might be a little out there, but why not try to get your scripts produced into movies yourself? Now with crowd funding, you could collect funds on sites like Kickstarter or Indie Go Go. Get some friends and and family involved, use the funds to hire experienced crew members and rent/buy gear. Actually, it would help to get one of those books like Movie Making Course, get a small crew and cheap equipment and practice making 1-3 minute short films (maybe just certain scenes from your script), as practice for film making, as a screenwriting exercise, and to fill your resume with, or possibly even something to help get your scripts sold. Just food for thought. :slight_smile:

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