Another reason to not watch football


I wonder what the reaction would be if some players started kneeling to protest abortion. Or to protest how the Little Sisters of the Poor were treated. I could see how this could go on forever since there will always be some injustice.


why does the nfl display the flag and sing the anthem? what is ck protesting? we have a right to disagree with them and to voice our opinion as they do theirs.

when the nfl disallows other protest but allows protest against the flag and anthem there is a problem.


There already is a problem.


Yes! And that time is ALWAYS.


I will always watch football. It is the only sport I watch.


One form of protest was the actual defacement of the Uniform they wear. The other was not. That there is the distinction. I had to call up an equipment manager I know for the Saints and asked him.


what about when they both wear unauthorized t-shirts and one is fined $10k and the other isn’t


That is on a case by case issue and subject to team rules. Their are league rules and there are individual Team rules. And some rules are just policies. It is solely up to the owner and manager to fine or not fine.


“I had to call up an equipment manager I know for the Saints and asked him.”

DIE HARD SAINTS fan here. That is cool that you know one of their equipment managers.


2010 was a great year, Bama won the National Championship and Saints won the Superbowl.


always an excuse when one agrees with what they say as there is always an offense when one disagrees.

enjoy your games. i’ll go for a walk outside.


We used to be the “Ceiling Fans” (We always sat in the nose bleed section of the Dome) years before they became the SAINTS who won the SuperBowl. But that’s ok a fan’s a fan. WHO DAT!


I was not an NFL fan until I moved St. Francisville La and became a Saints Fan.
I worked at Riverbend Nuclear Power Station for 3 years.

Being from a non-NFL state growing up, I never got into the NFL mentality.
Wife is a Patriots fan.
It will be hell to pay if both those teams ever meet in the Super Bowl.
My friend is one of a dozen Equipment Managers. It is retired and does it part time during the season. I think like 7 are year round employees.


if the nfl allows one why shouldn’t it allow all free expression. why just against the vet and country


I don’t understand why kneeling during the national anthem is seen as directly disrespecting veterans. The anthem does not belong to nor singularly represent the military or veterans. It’s the national anthem, not the veterans’ anthem.




the song was originally just an anthem for the U.S. Army and Navy. it became the national anthem later.

according to one report it had its start at a ball game during the civil war but really took off during ww1. it was played in honor of those fighting overseas. it grew larger during ww2 and during the vietnam war, nfl commissioner pete rozelle enforced a policy that players stand at attention during the anthem. it could be enforced today if the nfl wanted to.


Yeah they really messed up by politicizing the game. The protests (which are actually just more attention-seeking) were just the icing on the cake.


Maybe the Goober behind the VP is disabled and unable to use his right arm?


what option did you have? vote anti-catholic hillary?

abortion on demand, gay marriage, pay to play government, anti self defense, etc. etc.

the anthem is above the politics of the day and is played at sports games to remember the vet. or at least that was the original intent. the left hijacks whatever it can to push their agenda. so we change a little history, lie a little, as gruber said a “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter”

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