Another Reeason to Stop Watching TV

Popular TV shows are going to start pushing Obamacare:

I never cared for Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, etc, as the moral content was obviously disordered, but propaganda around a law which attacks freedom of conscience is even worse. Christians (of any variety) need to start taking their faith seriously and click the TV off altogether and choose to spend time with family face-to-face, practicing the faith, etc, instead.

I actually noticed this on Futurama too.

Gosh, California is leading the way to Obamacare. And I guess they’re protected from going broke, since they already did that a long time ago and it doesn’t seem to have made any difference…

And anyway, who is paying for California to implement it? All of us. Federal money ($327mil) is paying Accenture to set it up.

And now we have government officials suggesting content for TV shows for political reasons. I really don’t think this is a road we want to go down.



I watch neither American nor Chinese TV at all. Not because of religious reasons, I simply have no interest in doing so.

Same here. I sold my TV 4 years ago and never miss it.
Books are so much more interesting.

There are some sneaky ways they can slip in propaganda. My wife and I used to watch House Hunters and House Hunters International until we started to notice more and more unmarried and SS couples looking for houses.

I proudly belong to a no tv household for the past 22 years. My 11 children are the better without it.

I have been watching television less and less … sometimes I find an old sitcom that I enjoy or something good on EWTN … but there really isn’t much worth watching these days. I have an extensive Catholic library … finally decided to get those books actually read!

I’m not surprised. I’ve been noticing such things more and more lately.

Agreed. This forum is most interesting as well, in truth.

I find I’d rather read about the faith, or spend time with my family, or do some work, than watch TV these days. Of course, the forum is a good way to spend some time. :slight_smile:

I don’t plan on putting an end to my TV viewing yet. I basically only watch re runs of old sitoms, some cartoon shows, educational stuff, and maybe a movie once and a while. I’ve been watching EWTN no and then. I haven’t been watching tv as much mostly not only because of homework, but because of what’s on it, if you know what I mean. I probably will not buy cable when I get my first tv.

Basic Cable has become a vast wasteland.

I still watch PBS a lot, although it leans to the left politically (but I can pick out the political propaganda when I see it).

I also watch History when they interrupt their shows about Big Foot, Ancient Aliens, Pawn Stars, and Ice Road Truckers for something that is actually about history.

C-SPAN 3 has good and at times even great historical programming on the weekends, but C-SPAN also leans to the left politically.

I haven’t watched the Big Three American networks for many years; I turned off FOX when Sean Hannity infamously responded with a tirade directed at Father Thomas Euteneuer on Hannity & Colmes.

MAS*H was the last sitcom I watched on a semi-regular basis, and once the character Hawkeye became chummy with the North Korean P.O.W.s, I should have known better and turned it off, but I was young and unaware back then.

I sometimes watch Canadian TV, their shows on science, their news, history and documentaries, but the viewpoints expressed on the CBC are also politically left or filtered through Secular Humanism.

I’m not watching now.

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