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Greetings everyone! I have another quick question on the Most Holy Rosary. During this Holy Season of Advent, while saying the Rosary, should we only recite the Joyful Mysteries? Or are we to follow the normal “schedule.” What do you do during Advent, if there isnt a particular teaching. Thanks again everyone! God Bless, and may we all draw closer to Christ this Holy Season.
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Certainly if any of the mysteries were especially appropriate for Advent, it’d be the Joyful ones.

Some people do focus on the Joyful mysteries in the Advent and Christmas season, the Sorrowful in Lent and the Glorious in the post-Easter season, and then alternate between all of them during the rest of the Liturgical Year.

But then again, Jesus’ birth can’t really be separated from the rest of His life. He was born in order to teach during His ministry as the Luminous mysteries recall, He was born to die on Good Friday, He was born to rise again, born to ascend to the Father, born to send us the Holy Spirit, and born to honour Mary in her Assumption and Coronation (a prefiguring of the resurrection and heavenly glory that we all hope for).

So I don’t just pray the Joyful during Advent.

Of course yu can if you want to. :shrug:


I think you are supposed to pray the Mysteries as normal, but on Sundays you pray the joyful Mysteries.

At least, that’s what my little rosary booklet says.


Thank you very much! You make a great point. I think I will do this, while relating them to the Birth of Our Lord. God Bless you this Holy, Joyful Season of Advent!
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