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Why is ejaculating outside the female wrong in cases where the couple cannot get pregnant? Say after menopause. If her entire reproductive system is shut down, why is this an issue?

I know it’s important to be open to life, which is why he has to ejaculate inside her normally. But post menopause, that is biologically impossible. Aside from some kind of miracle, which is outside the purview of normal moral expectation, what is the justification for this code of behavior?

On the news tonight, a 46 year old lady rushed to the hospital with stomach pain. Thought she had the flu. She was 7 months pregnant. She had never had a child, couldn’t get pregnant, and thought she was in menopause. I just add this as nothing is impossible.

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The term “open to life” is what causes confusion.

The more accurate term is “ordered toward procreation.” Every sex act must be ordered toward procreation which means simply that the man orgasms in his wife’s vagina.

It doesn’t have anything to do with whether childbearing is physically possible (I.e. menopause). Every act must be completed in a way that is ordered toward procreation.

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What the Church teaches is that each marital act must be per se ordered to unity and procreation or it is a disordered use of our sexual faculties. The teaching is not that we must be “open to life” in a general way.

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Each act ordered toward procreation. God created the marital act in a specific way.

“Open to life” is a fuzzy term, the Church uses more precise language.

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I continue to think these posts aren’t really appropriate for this forum. At least try to use some innuendo or something.

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Okay, but why does this not hold true for other bodily functions? It’s not a sin to eat in a way the is not ordered towards nurishment. Or breathe helium to make your voice high pitched, which is against the proper end of breathing

To eat in a disordered way would be the sin of gluttony.

Helium simply impacts the vocal cords. If you were going to try to live in a helium filled sealed place, that would be the sin of suicide.

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What @TheLittleLady said.

Also, and this is really just my opinion, there’s a higher level of sacredness to the reproductive parts of our bodies. Your stomach, your lungs, they don’t have the ability to create a new human being with a God-given soul who has the chance of being in heaven with God for all eternity. God designed our reproductive parts to be used in a certain manner, and we must respect them and Him by using them properly.

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