Another Stem Cell Research Breakthrough (Adult Stem Cells- of course!)

An adult stem cell "product’ is now being used to fix unhealed bone fractures. This is US FDA approved so it is already available. Click here for more on these Adult Stem Cells actually.

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Yet, people in our government don’t seem to get the message. Here’s a link about it…

I have been thinking for a while now that there are some people- many actually, with big-mouthed celebrities and members of the liberal mainstream media leading the pack - who will simply never admit that non-embryonic stem cells show terrific promise, and that therapies for some diseases have already been developed.

These people are he** bent on breaking down any protections for fragile and innocent human life and the truth won’t stop them. It is an ideology with them, and it is appalling.

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President Obama has signed an executive order lifting restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell [pluripotent] research when it has been announced in the press that scientists can now make induced pluripotent [flexible] stem cells without destroying embryos. Why wouldn’t President Obama fund this research instead of funding research which destroyed embryos?

Not to be harsh, but because saving those embryos doesn’t do anything. I support abortion restrictions because I believe many people would end up loving their kids once they realized they were not just lumps of tissue, and because so many people want to adopt. But so many of these families will not implant these embryos, and there are many more than people want to adopt (and I believe in making sure born children get adopted first so they don’t suffer a life in foster care without a family). The embryos will either sit frozen, or die. Why not use them? These embryos will never have a life either way, so it might as well have done some good. No suffering was involved, and no person ever started developing beyond a few cells big.

I think the reason why is because it doesn’t recognize the sanctity and dignity of human life. It may be like breeding your children for experiments. P.S. Did you see the movie Seven Pounds? Did you agree with it? :frowning:

I did not see that movie. And we can’t make laws solely based on concepts like the dignity of embryos. No one is being hurt or ‘used’ because the embryos will never feel exploited, and have no other options.

Everyone reading this began life as a human embryo: a unique combination of the mother and fathers’ DNA. Dehumanizing the human embryo by making it seem less than human is not logical.


One’s emotions are an evolutionary defense. Why we don’t want to feel dehumanized, is because we don’t want to be such. Why we don’t like pain: is that pain means we are likely not to last so long, it is a warning. The point of pain is to avoid death. The Embryo is entirely unique. You aren’t going to agree with those who say one must be born and take a breath are you. Such may be legally binding in some countries: but is arbitrary, and archaic: the sperm and egg are alive: but cells of the parents: when they combine, the life remaining is a unique life: an embryo: a human being. The Nazi’s did something similar: to them, their enemies were not human: perfect way to feel good about obeying the Hippocratic oath, while doing harm to people.

This is why IVF is also wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand that the process creates embryos who are now being offered up for sacrifice because they “will never feel exploited.”

Agreed RLG.


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