Another Twilight Zone Thread

This was prompted by an earlier Twilight Zone thread. The TZ had amazing writing and themes that explored politics, the macabre, the psychological etc. What do think the best episodes with a religious theme were? Explain please. Google Twilight Zone and you’ll get a web site listing all of the episodes with a plot summary of each to jog your memory.

“The Howling Man”…

A riveting episode, it’s also my fav over all. Satan can come in many different forms, even in the guise of an apparently innocent
"Howling" man.

It’s a scary episode for sure. Partially because the “Twist” is blatantly obvious from the beginning, but you still hope against hope the innocent Traveler won’t give in to his own pride and self belief in his superior righteousness.

“You can catch the devil, but you can’t keep him…”

I also like the episode “Escape Clause”… another episode about the nature of the Devil.

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