Another virulent attack on Pope Francis and Catholic Theology

I usually have a certain respect for Protestant writers and theologians who engage their own minds and reasoning powers when speaking against Catholic teachings instead of resorting to laziness and regurgitating tired old cliches and straw man arguments from their doctrinal bunkers.

Of course, it is much harder to do the former while the latter is a sure crowd-pleaser to attract sycophantic fanboys.

For this reason, I am disappointed in Tim Challies’ misrepresentation of Pope Francis in his latest installment in an ongoing series on false teachers in which he has covered Arius, Joseph Smith, Ellen G. White and Norman Vincent Peale. No critical thinking, no honest research, just the usual entrenched hearsay based on older hearsay.

Even while Francis washes the feet of prisoners and kisses the faces of the deformed, he does so out of and toward this false gospel that leads not toward Christ, but directly away from him. Good deeds done to promote a false gospel are the most despicable deeds of all.

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Some people cannot see the good in anyone or anything.

Another clueless fool. Praying for him.

Pope Francis bad.

Pope Tim good.


Doesn’t matter what they say, the whole world sees Jesus Christ in Pope Francis, exactly as Jesus Christ wanted ! I would like him to be even more like Christ !

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