Another Washington DC gun ban: guns of the wrong COLOR are banned?

This makes no sense to me. But then again, much of what happens in Washington DC makes no sense to me. However it is clear that the administration of Washington, from the Mayor on down, fear honest citizens with guns because this law is clearly based on idiocy.

The city of Washington DC is now embroiled in a new lawsuit and this lawsuit could overturn California gun restrictions that are based on gun color. Apparently Washington DC parroted a California gun law, and the CA law lists “approved” guns, some of which are purely based on the color of the gun. One gun can be on the “approved” list if it is black, the same gun can be on the “approved” list if it is stainless steel, but if the gun is 2-tone stainless steel and black then it is banned. Seriously that is idiotic.

So now Alan Gura, the legal mind who got the Supreme Court to throw out Washington DCs gun ban is again dragging DC into the courthouse to smack them silly. This is just a bit of the story, but it tells the meat of it.
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Handgun’s Color Leads to Lawsuit
By Martin Weil
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 10, 2009; B04

A D.C. woman filed suit in U.S. District Court yesterday, claiming that the city would not let her register a pistol because of its color. Tracey A. Hanson argued that her application to register a .45-caliber semiautomatic was denied because the gun is not on the California Safe Handgun Roster, which is the standard in the city.

Hanson tried to register a two-tone, stainless steel/black pistol, according to the suit. But the list has that model in olive drab green, dark earth or black, not in two-tone, stainless/black, the suit asserts. Hanson said rejection for that reason “seemed so arbitrary.”

The lawsuit, which lists Hanson and two other people as plaintiffs, was filed by Alan Gura, who argued the Supreme Court case that overturned the city’s handgun ban. Arbitrary requirements bring “nonsensical results,” Gura said. The suit asks that the city be barred from enforcing gun regulations based on the California list.


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