Another word for Roman Catholicism?


So, recently, I’ve been using the word “Romanism” to describe the RCC’s set of biblical interpretations, and I’ve recently found out thats somewhat of a derogatory word. I never meant it in that context, and I apologize for having used it (As I have a few times on these forums)

My question is this, is there a way to refer to the RCC’s set of beliefs without using the word “Catholic”?

The reason I ask is much the same as why newspapers never print the words “Jesus” and “Christ” next to each other. To call him “Jesus” is to refer to a historical figure, but if you call him “Jesus Christ,” you make an editorial statement, that he is the Christ.

Much in the same way, it bothers me when I use the word “Catholic,” or “Roman Catholic” to refer to a belief the RCC holds, because in doing so, I make an editorial statement, that the Roman Catholic Church is the universal church (meaning of the word “catholic”), a statement I do not endorse.

I know this is sure to get a bunch of posts like “why not call it “Christianity”” or, “Try “True Faith,”” but remember, I don’t agree with those statements (to clarify, that the RCC is alone christian, not that it isn’t christian), so, is there another word?



You have no choice. The only acceptable term to both Catholics and secular society is “Catholicism.” The term is even used by respectable Protestant writers who may not agree with the full meaning of the term.

Catholics are also faced with the same situation. It calls the Orthodox churches “Orthodox” even though there are still differences that divide us. We call Jehovah’s Witnesses “Jehovah’s Witnesses” although we believe they are not even Christians or any sort. We call the LDS church LDS, even though no Catholic believes they are saints in the most liberal sense of the word.

It’s common courtesy, and you are expected to adhere to it.


No there aren’t any other words.

The Roman Catholic Church is the universal church that Jesus the Christ established.

Making up another name to call it doesn’t change that fact.

It is though something that Satan would do as he is the father of all lies.


How often do you write the words “Catholic” or “Catholicism” without qualification? Certainly, when using these words, you can aptly editorialize your content regardless of the word you use to describe our Church. I imagine no one will mistake you as “Romish” if you use the word “Catholic” versus other more pejorative terms, especially if your context doesn’t betray you. You may, however, be accused of being respectful! :wink:


We pay Protestant clergy the honor of their courtesy titles, even though we don’t believe they are validly ordained or function as true ministers. Nonetheless, they are Rev. or Bishop or Archbishop or whatever their own community calls them.


Afterburned, think of it this way. Suppose a new church opened up and called itself, “Pure Gospel Church,” but taught some sort of incorrect doctrine. Would you refuse to call it by it’s proper name, the Pure Gospel Church, because you felt the name was misleading? No. It’s the proper name of the organization, regardless of what one thinks of it. Your use of the name Pure Gospel Church wouldn’t mean that you were ratifying their doctrine, it just means that you are following the common custom of letting people choose their own name for their church.

With that in mind, think about someone else … say, Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can call them Jehovah’s Witnesses — that doesn’t mean you agree that they really are God’s true witnesses. You don’t need to create some new name to avoid calling them Jehovah’s Witnesses because that’s the proper name of the organization, not an assessment on your part.

Perhaps someone doesn’t think the Orthodox Church is truly orthodox. So what? They’d still refer to it as the Orthodox Church because it’s the correct name of the organization.

The correct name of our organization is the Catholic Church. Calling us that doesn’t constitute any agreement on your part with what we believe. It’s our name, that’s all.


Uh oh. Boy is my face red. I just posted almost exactly this, then discovered you beat me to it. Great minds think alike. Next time I’ll read the whole thread before posting.

Oh come on … don’t tell me you people have never done the same thing!


Fair enough, I’ll just be content with “Catholic” from now on, I was just looking to see if there was a word. Once again though, I apologize for using the word “Romanism” to describe y’alls beliefs. It was the content of the posts that was meant to stir discussion, not the use of an unfortunate word.


The correct name is:

The Latin Patriarchical Church

The “church” of England “renamed” us roman catholic after the king got mad at the pope and started his own church.


You ARE kidding right? I have never seen anything like this before.

To the OP, and everyone feel free to correct me as I am a Roman Catholic, but I thought that little ‘c’ catholic meant universal and big 'C" Catholic was for the Church built by Jesus.for which Pope Benedict is the the head of today?


I personally try to stick with Roman Catholic Church or RCC.

I generally do not prefer to use the term Catholic Church for the same reasons you state.

Please note that when you speak to Traditionalist Catholics, they will insist you also call them the “Catholic Church.”

When you speak to Old Catholics, they too will insist that they are the Catholic Church and you must call them that out of “courtesy.”

You then speak to an Eastern Orthodox, and guess what? They insist that they are the Catholic Church and to call them anything else would be “rude.” Faithful Orthodox do not refer to Roman Catholicism as “the Catholic Church.”

Everyone insists they are the “Catholic Church” because they want you to endores their claims. I personally do not like to play that sort of game. They are all merely equal claimants to the same title.

I would suggest you do not be rude, but I would also suggest you do not let yourself be pushed around. Be true to God and yourself.


You just did and it’s true !!!

I often times call myself Italian Orthodox around my Greek friends (only for sh3#$$#ts and giggles)




The Roman Pontiff is the Patriarch of The Latin Patriarchical Church.


Pardon me, but what do you mean by this?


The pope of Rome is also The Primate of Italy !!!


But I don’t believe the Church has ever been called the Latin Patriarchal Church. That might be a way of defining it, but as a name - not so much.


Okay, I am rather dense, I guess. You are playing word games?


I mean that the OP should not be rude to others, but also not feel pressured to endorse anyone’s claims either.


Would anyone be offended if it was called simply the “Roman” church?

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