Another young woman with glioma- and a different way to live the last months


I’m very impressed with this young woman, who also has inoperable glioma. She is still on her college basketball team, and was able to play for a few minutes yesterday. She is starting a fundraising campaign to help support research into pediatric cancers, rather than spark interest into euthanasia. It’s called #layup4Lauren

May God bless her and her family. There is beauty in each day, when we have the strength and support to see it.


I believe this is a different type of cancer. Less aggressive than the Glioblastoma type that Ms. Maynard suffered from. My mother died of this same type (Glioblastoma) and it is a very aggressive and quick death. Glioblastoma produces a very agonizing death with a lot of suffering (loss of urinary function, extreme seizures, paralysis, excruciating headaches from the pressure inside the skull, etc.).

While I am saddened by Ms. Maynard’s decision to end her own life I know the suffering that comes with this type of cancer and would not wish it on ANYONE.


This is the gal they talked about on the morning Catholic radio show with Teresa Tomeo, Catholic Connection. I listen when I have the chance. I enjoy her and Barbara McWiggins. The two of them manage to say I’d love to say here but would get in trouble for. Oh well. I can hope.



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