Answer Priest Gave in His Answer Column When Asked: "An Unmarried Couple We're Hosting Wants to Share a Room; What Should We Do?"

Likely enough, numbers of Christians find themselves facing this dilemma when it comes to family members and relatives.

Thanks for the relevant and helpful post.

The priest gave a very good answer.

This and related issues face Catholics living in the world all the time. It gets most awkward when the problem is presented by one’s own children.

I would have respected the host’s sleeping arrangements when i was the nephew in my life. I would have dissed the host to friends yet secretly admiring the stance taken.

Great post. A good blueprint for courageous Christian witness in the modern world.

Years ago now, when at a small hotel in Austria,there was a sign asking unmarried couples to respect that this is a Christian house and not to share a room

It was dignified.

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