Answer soon please: Friday Penance and Meat

I decided to give up sweets today in place of meat, but I had a pop (soda to you non-Minnesotans :p) today without thinking about it and have eaten meat today and will be going out to eat meat tonight. I was wondering that if by breaking my penance of sweets I broke that Friday Penance rule, or can I do a new penance?

Thank you, and respond soon please!

What you do as a penance is completely up to you.

As to whether the soda violated giving up sweets, it’s all in how you define sweets. Are sweets anything with a sweet flavor or are sweets candies and desserts? Does a piece of fruit qualify or does its nutritional value override its sweetness?

In my case, I would define sweets anything that is sweetened with sugar or is sweet and has a high carb content. Under my definition, if it were a diet soda, you’d be “in compliance.”

It’s completely up to you. If you feel that you violated your giving up sweets, then by all means, do something else.

You could put in some extra prayer time, or spend some time on religious reading.

I would think that praying a rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet would be a good choice. Reading the Bible, stop by a church and do Adoration for a half hour. There are many penence that may be more beneficial than giving up pop.

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