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I have a friend who was raised in the Roman Catholic church, but she uses the Lord’s name as a four letter word. I’ve tried to tell her she’s wrong, but she just say something like “I’m Roman Catholic, you’re not.” I’m not; she’s right, I’m Baptist, but that has nothing to do with her using the Lord’s name in vain. What can I say to her to make her see what she’s doing?

God Bless


Hopefully it will relieve you to know that Roman Catholicism does not approve of taking the Lord’s name in vain. See the following reference:

Catechism of the Catholic Church 2155

Ask your friend what she would think if you started using her husband’s (or mother’s, or father’s, or child’s, or sibling’s) name as a profanity. Would she stand idly by and allow you to abuse her loved one’s name? Likely not. If so, then how can she use her Lord and Savior’s name as a profanity?

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