Answered Prayer..Thank you all!

Hi, I just wanted to let all those who prayed for my husband to find a job know that he was hired this week & has better benefits & salary than we dreamed of. Prayer really works! I appreciate this forum so much. It has been a wonderful blessing. I had all my family & friends praying & church. What a blessing & it came just in time before school starts & we didn’t have to move! Yeah!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

Kiki Deo Gratius!

God is good! Praise be to God!

Great news. Shows that God does indeed hear our prayers. Thanks be to God.

Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers for Kiki’s husband. You have been merciful and kind to them, as You have promised to those faithful to You.

Great! I’m happy for you!

Praise be His Holy Name, I am greatful you are happy.

It’s so good to hear when prayers are answered, very happy for you. :bowdown2:

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