Answered Prayer, thanks St Anthony


St Anthony to the rescue again. I was going to ask for prayers this weekend as due to a mix up at the pharmacy I could not get my meds refilled, of course this stuff always happens on a holiday weekend, no luck today either. I was going to ask you all for prayers for my retreat. I asked St. Anthony to help me find my secret stash of pills I keep at work for emergencies, and found enough for Thurs & Fri, but no luck in any other search. While I was looking I found the perfect reflection resources for the retreat. And while preparing for it, I found some pills I had dropped not too long ago, so probably still good, so I will be medicated through Monday and BP won't get too high. Then as I wiped the pills off, I found an old CD of instrumental music perfect for playing during the reflection. Something tells me this retreat (day of recollection actually) will be awesome. Now bear in mind I did not pray for help with the retreat--my fault I usually pray when planning anything like this. But St. Anthony and the Crew--I am sure Joseph is in on this too--answered the prayer I forgot to make. Are they good, or what?


:thumbsup: St. Anthony, you da man! (and you, too, St. Joseph!)


O loving Saint Anthony, Wonder~Worker,
you are known throughout the world for the countless miracles, great and small, received through your powerful intercession. This week, puzzleannie turned to you for help. I too asked for your aid on behalf of some CAF members, who so urgently needed help. You were quick to intercede for us all! Our humble and heartfelt thanks!

Sharing this Novena page, created to honor Saint Anthony of Padua, in deep gratitude for miracles granted through his intercession~


Well since you found your pills, we can all praise God for your prayers being answered...

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,
world without end.


Praise God! I hope you have a blessed time…and it sounds like you will!


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