Answered prayer through a specific Saint?


What is a prayer that has been answered by asking for a particular saints intercession in your life?



St. Anthony always finds lost things for me. Always.

St.Pio recently interceded for a personal intention of mine.

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St. Anthony finds lost things

St. Joseph helps with many things especially related to house/ property/ anxiety issues

St. Therese has answered some requests I made of her by sending roses

Mother Mary helps with everything



St. Rita helped me find an apartment
St. Jude for various things
St. Matilda for finding a parking spot
St. Anthony for lost items
St. Expeditus helped me when I was sued

I’ve prayed to others but the above I’ve seen immediate results

St. Martin De Porres is a new one I’ve started to really enjoy reading about his life and praying to him. I also like Saint Brother Andre :slight_smile:



I ask st Joseph for patience in marital issues, relieving my wife’s anxieties, and when questioning faith.
Hasn’t failed yet.



Saint Cecilia has interceeded for me in number of occasions.
I probably wrote a thousand posts about my disability but it changed my life in so many wonderful ways that I couldn’t have imagined- so I feel compelled to share.

I was baptized and chose my confirmation saint to be Saint Cecilia later on. When I became paralyzed, I returned to my home country and was prayed over by a group of women who wanted to pray for me. When they were praying, they came to me and said, “Do you sing to God?”

I said, “Yes. I pray to St. Cecilia to help me to do so.”

And one of them told me that she saw a wonderful vision of the saint who helped me to praise God. “Clearly, you’re being protected by the saint.” So we cried buckets of tears, lol.

She still helps me to praise during difficult times. I was a student who was minoring in music so music is a key aspect in my life, so her intercession is absolutely powerful.

I hope that my story helped all of you tonight in this wonderful Advent season.

Pax Christi! :slight_smile:



I met a man who said he had been cured of a serious illness as a teenager through the intercession of St. Martin de Porres. His mother had found a relic of St. Martin on the streetcar when he was in the hospital, and so they all prayed for St. Martin’s intercession. He recovered and had a lifelong devotion to St. Martin.



St Anthony gets overworked because of my less than stellar organizational skills.
St Therese has helped a lot.
Our Lady has been amazing. When I tried to do the 33 day consecration through her and got a little uncomfortable with it I’m convinced it was she who turned me onto the consecration to Divine Mercy. I was trying to get close to her and having trouble… she lead me to get closer to her Son… because of this I got closer to her.



I go to St. Jude for just about everything. He has come through for me in major ways throughout the course of my life. He is a powerful intercessor.

Thr BVM has been really helpful to me over the last several months.



You do understand that the idea of “Sola Scriptura,” that the Bible alone is the source of our faith, is fundamentally wrong don’t you? It’s a man-made concept. When Jesus left, he didn’t leave us a book and say “just figure it out for yourselves.” He left us the Church.

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I’m an ex-Protestant because I realized Protestantism made absolutely no logical sense.



Same here.



I used to be vehemently anti catholic as well!



In the 1 hour you’ve been a member here, so far you have posted in various threads telling people don’t pray to saints, don’t pray the Our Father or Hail Mary, don’t pray the rosary because God doesn’t listen to the prayers, and don’t go to confession.

Since you seem to be proselytizing/ trolling and also showing a great disrespect for Catholicism, I have flagged several of your posts as violating TOS. Have a nice day.


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