Answered prayer?

Back at the end of last January when I got here to the formation house and start at the university I prayed asking St. Therese the Little Flower to give me a sign if I am doing the right thing and if I am in the right place. Nothing happened but I know that such things do not always come nor do they always come when you expect them.

Well this year we started up with a little smaller commuity. At the end of last year three of the six guys here moved on to the novitiate, us other three have more time to get our degrees (myself and one other need another year the other guy needs two). We gained a new guy at the start of this year, he already has his degree so he will move on at the end of this year (that would be June 2007).

Now things have been a bit discouraging here, don’t really want to get into that.

Now on to what happened last night that has prompted me to post this here.

We had Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction last night. While looking upon the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance something caught my eye. The Monstrance was on the altar in our Chapel. Behind the altar is the old High Altar and the Tabernacle.

Right there, next to and just infront of the Tabernacle on the High Altar was a rose. Someone put it there but it caught my eye just as I recalled my prayer asking of a sign from St. Therese.

So could this have been my Rose from Heaven?

Or am I reading into this to much?

Yes! I think it was definitley her sign.
I love St. Therese of Lisieux.

When I was in college I was in touch with my highschool sweetheart via. mail. I wanted to marry her and she didn’t know this. She was discerning her calling in life and prayed a novena to her. Supposedly white roses means-religious life and red means married life.

Out of the blue, without knowing that she was praying this novena, and without knowing anything about this saint, I sent her a dozen roses. This was totally out of my character to do this but I loved her and wanted her to know.

Her friends who knew about it told her it was the sign and that I was the potential husband.
Well, 9 years later we are about to celebrate our 8th anniversary with our four kids!!!

If there is always a rose up there, I would say you might be reading too much into it. But my impression from your post is this is something that is not normally / never there. If that’s so, then your noticing it just as you start thinking about your prayer to St. Therese… I think she gave you an answer. :slight_smile:

And it seems like she was saving her answer for a time when you really needed to hear it. With your, “things have been a bit discouraging here,” comment, it sounded like you needed the encouragement and reminder that you’re in the right place.

I’ll be praying for you,

Just curious what color was the rose?

Anyone else out there get prayers answered through St. Therese intercession?

I think it could very well be a Rose from heaven. If it struck you so strongly it probably is!!

A red rose as that is what is in our garden around our St. Therese statute in the courtyard of the formation house.

But I do not believe color has anything to do with it as I do not see anywhere that St. Therese addressed colors.

Byz…please be aware that I still pray for you. I know that tests are sent our way to try us…maybe you are being purified in some form. Please…remain steadfast and single-minded as I believe you have already received your answer to the call…:heart:

The “simplicity” of the single rose is her “little way” of answering your prayer. :thumbsup:

Please do not resurrect old threads. The OP has moved on in the novitiate and his question is no longer relevant.

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