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Just thought I'd share....

My family has had a very difficult year after DH's company closed his store and moved him to a position making barely any $$ with horrible working conditions. He also lost his company car which left me with no car while DH was at work (very, very long hours) We're also in the process of losing our home to foreclosure and the possibility of homelessness seemed to be turning into a reality because DH is not making near enough $$ to pay rent anywhere. So I have been praying hard for help for our financial situation. This situation has been a huge test to my faith and there were a few desperate moments here and there where I just crumbled under the pressure and began to even doubt God's existence. I don't even know how God puts up with me.

I've also felt a calling from God to pull my kids out of school and homeschool (something I DID NOT want to do). I slowly came around to the idea but my biggest obstacle was DH and we had many arguments over it in the spring. I finally decided to leave the issue be and told God if He wanted my kids homeschooled, He was going to have to work on DH and make the $$ fall into our lap to pay for it.

ANYWAY...DH just got a new job....a GOOD job making more than he did before. We may not be able to save our home, but we will at least be able to rent a nice house for our family and buy another car so I'm not stuck at home. The hours are also much, much better and my kids will now get their daddy back. :)

And on top of all of that, DH brought up the homeschooling issue himself after a friend of his told him about homeschooling his own kids and told him about some of the stuff going on in local schools in our county (gay agenda). So now DH is ON BOARD and pretty much instructed me to get the ball rolling. Wow.

I'm still in shock. If that wasn't God's intervention, I don't know what is! It amazes me how everything worked out just in time for the school year to start. :thumbsup:


Awesome!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


They say “never give up hope” even when things look hopeless. Your faith and story are inspiring. I hope everything is great for you and your family from here on.


Amazing! God be praised! thanks for sharing your story.


boy howdy that’s a great Providential Favor!

best part is you get your guy back and kids get their daddy.

may God be praised in all things! Thanks be to God!


I'm so happy for your family!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love to think back on stories like these while I'm having a bad day (usually when I have to clean...).


Yay! :extrahappy:Happy dance time!


Praise God! Matthew 6:25-35 :thumbsup:


Happy for you!!! Wonderful news :slight_smile: God is good!


Thanks y'all.:)


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