Answering a question on a test when you know that the "right" answer is wrong

Twice I was doing a college test or quiz and there came up a question that I knew the correct answer to it was wrong, I answered those questions along the lines of “it is believed that…” in order to avoid stating that, that error is true. Was that the right thing to do?

I plan on changing to a faithful Catholic College some time soon and in the mean time stick to courses that where I can avoid supporting error as much as possible.

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Many of my test or essay questions required giving the “wrong” answer. It troubled me until I realized that a test is not “truth” but rather a regurgitation to show you understood the material presented.

I’ve been in similar situations; it is hard to avoid when living in our secularized world. I take the same approach you did. I’ll say, according to _ this is true. Something like that. Just remember that you are being tested on class material and not the “truth.”

With that being said, always stand up for what you believe in! :thumbsup:

This was my thought of some questions while I was in college as well. I approached it in my mind as you did; this is to test on the material presented.


You are there to just get the best grade possible. You don’t have to believe it, you just have to give them the answer they want.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m sure we’re wondering what the question was!

Otherwise I think you did the right thing :slight_smile:

I concur with the general opinion, and also confess to curiosity. What was the question?

if it’s just a question on a test, I wouldn’t worry about it. youo can be tested on things you don’t agree with. for example, if it was a question about hitler’s Nazi philosophy or something.

however, there are instances of professors trying to force students to change their opinion in an essay and threatening to give them a lower grade if they didn’t write about abortion positively or things like that. that would be another issue

Same here. I like the “It is believed…” option though.

Yeah, in college, the professors sometimes tried to encourage you to teach your friends lessons you learned in the class. “What would you say to a friend in this case?” I knew what information they wanted me to regurgitate but it wasn’t the answer I’d give. So I’d say “The answer you are looking for is this and this and this, but I would not give this answer to a friend because I believe x.” or just “I believe a few other things.” My professors liked that I was thinking and weren’t at all hostile to those answers.

I was in a community College right out of HS years ago (prior to Steubenville) and what I did was

I wrote something of the order of - the answer you are looking for and that was in the textbook/lectures is Y so I am giving that so you know I know the material you covered. However …

I got an A still for the course. He was good enough to recognize that I “knew” the answer he taught - though I did not agree with it.

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