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Maybe it was a dozen or more years ago that Catholic Answers Live had a segment on a man who was bent on documenting what a horrible church the Catholic Church is, especially regarding the Boston area child abuse scandal. Long story short, he not only found abuse was more prominant in non-Catholic churches than Catholic ones, he became Catholic himself. I can’t remember his name! It would be most helpful if I knew who it was, as I have to defend comments about this to “friends.” Thanks for your help!



I think it is time to focus on the victims and quit trying to defend anything at this point…

Lets face it, the church is gonna have to take some well deserved lumps…it is time to turn their attention to victims.

The jig is up in the #metoo era…the church can no longer hide…


I don’t know if we are entitled to knowing or not. It really isn’t my business.


So…if you abuse your family less than the guy next door a person should be ecstatic to marry into yours? This mentality of preserving the institution over everything else is what makes the Catholic situation worse. There are certainly similar or worse offenses by clerics, but the Catholic Church’s money and size made it feel immune to reality. It also helps being the only organization in the world that has its own county making it easy to abuse diplomatic immunity.



The threads here on CAF are mostly about complaining about the abusers. The victims seem to be just fuel for the fire.

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I have no intention of trying to put any sort of positive spin on this tragedy. I just wanted to review the man’s research. I’ll find out who he is sooner or later.



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