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Greetings, and welcome, I am new and I believe, that there is a answer to every Question that dwells in the heart of men. Most of the time it will not fit our belief system. Look what happened to our Savior, did he not teach different things, even more than what the Jews wanted to hear, was not his doctrine challenged. “What doctrine is this that you are spread about Judea” Was he not hung for claiming to be the son. Dave, I enjoyed your introduction, but remember, the Atonement is for those who sin and for those who repent, and except what our savior did for us. And your Catholic Priest will know this and embrace you, if he is any kind of spiritual leader. Otherwise the Atonement would be in vain. Our young people need Faith today, to believe in God is very much a part of life, the search for truth and light, and to have answers to unknown questions. The real question is, Do You or anyone who is reading this profile of mine, that there is a answer to you heart felt question. Is truth to be debated? We all seek for answers but what is the question??? I have read what you have asked about the Mormons, interesting!!! I will answer any question even from our Catholic Fathers If they have a Question and are not afraid to ask. I will use your bible to answer it, and if it a question about what Mormons believe, I will answer it, but you must except that they have added text (scriptures)where they draw from to form their belief. Plus they believe that God has called prophets to reveal more light and truth. If you are of any faith, I will answer your question, using your Bible only if you perfer. If it is a question about the Mormons I will answer it using their books. Most Mormons, but not all, know a lot about nothing. And very few follow their leaders. I have studied many belief systems. But the real answers can only come from God. We as a human race, need to find him first, as Moses did, or Abraham, or Adam. But you are right, we cannot worship a God we do not know, or we could be worshiping a false God, and not even know it. The Jews did not know The Christ, standing in his presents. How blind is that. Are we also blind, Will we be the same when we hear the truth, will you turn from it because it is against your belief system, Is your God in a Box, because you have created him, and put a sign on the box saying, If you don’t believe my way, your not my God. I have said enough, really, I have read your statements, but really WHAT IS THE QUESTION??? quit playing games with words, Pilate asked Christ " And what is the TRUTH" Quit mingling scriptures with man’s educated thoughts of nothing. So What Is The Truth?
If all the scriptures were gone of all religions of today, would you be able to answer it? (the Question)


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I believe, based on my understanding of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, there are two essential questions:

  1. Who are we (past, present and future?, and
  2. Based on 1), how are we to live this life?


Catholics also have the Sacred Tradition from which our Bible sprang.


And all this time I thought I was the only person who knew all the answers but nobody was asking the right questions. I was getting kind of lonely, it’s good to finally have some company. Oh and, welcome to the forums!



Hey, let’s not overlook the lectionaries. Thier full of great quotes!



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