Answers in Genesis attack on JPII


I found this comment on an AIG/AIG affliaited site:

“Pope John Paul II, who courageously stood against the tyranny of Soviet communism, has succumbed in his declining years to the tyranny of evolutionary scientists who claim we are related to monkeys… Was there a scientist present at the beginning?.. God asks the ultimate question of Job that ought to be asked of evolutionary science: ‘Where were you when I laid the Earth’s foundation?’… Having surrendered to the evolutionary theorists, the Pope cannot credibly defend other doctrinal issues - such as the virgin birth, the deity of Jesus, His bodily resurrection, and our salvation - because the same book that says God created the world and everything in it out of nothing also testifies to these other things.”

“With his statement about evolution, the Pope has caught up to the times. In doing so, he has accepted a philosophy that stands at the core of communism. Why would he want to accept the heart of a world-view that he spent his life opposing.”

I am very distressed when protestants try to accuse the Pope of blindly accepting evolutionary teaching as legitimate and/or a compromise of the truth.

If scientists are accurately collecting and reproting scientific evidence to support evolution, there is no reason why we, as Christains should be worried or offended. The study of the world and all that is happening in nature and has happened in nature will only lead us to God. That is all the Pope is saying…and I think he is very wise for making that statement.

It aggravates me that AIG vigourouly promotes the use of the Bible as a scientific text. The writers of the Bible were not scientists, and they were certainly not as concerned with giving an exact, literal account of history than giving us an explanation of our need for and our relationship with God.

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