Answers to many questions of faith

I found an excellent site that answers many questions on difficult issues of faith. I ran into it reading some of the Q&A’s sent to our authorities (ie Apologetics). I suspect that many of you already are familiar with this site–I am usually the last to learn of anything–but in case there’s anyone out there who is unaware of it, I’m going to post the link below. It is very helpful for answering questions from non Catholics about our faith or to quell any doubts we might secretly harbor, and frankly the readings are a wonderful source of material to read and meditate on. Best of all, I found many very historical texts from Christians as early as Pope Clement 1 in the year 80 a.d.—and there may even be earlier ones that I just haven’t stumbled upon, having only located this site tonight! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Well, it’s the same site as this one. :smiley:

From your post I cannot quite understand if you noticed that. It sounds like you didn’t. I may be wrong though.

But yes, this site is great in every way.

I’m a little confused. You’ve been a member of for over a year now, yet you’ve only just now discovered what the site is about and what it has to offer?

I agree that there is some great stuff here, but your post is kind of like walking into a tire shop and announcing to everyone that they can buy tires there.

Here are a few more if anyone is interested.

Here are some apologetic sites with all kinds of ideas.

You are directing us to the site we are already on.

Thank you–I now have my reading material for weeks!:thumbsup:

I just wanted to be sure they didn’t miss any of your great answers.

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