Anthony de Mello - The Way of Love

Anthony de Mello was a Jesuit Catholic priest who died in 1987. I know that his writings were later condemned in 1998 by the then head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Ratzinger. His book, “The Way of Love” has been a popular book for spiritual seekers but it appears to be a great divergence from orthodox Catholic theology and may be almost unrecognizable. I haven’t actually read the book or know alot about de Mello but an acquaintance of mine has gotten deeply into his stuff and seems to be headed in a dangerous path (de Mello’s ideas, especially from “The Way of Love” have prompted him to separate from his wife. Can someone give me a thumbnail sketch of what de Mello’s ideas and philosophies are in regards to God and our place in the universe? Thanks so much in advance.

I haven’t read “The Way of Love”, but rather liked “The Song of the Bird”.

I don’t read this book but i want to read this. Anyone tell me where I find this book and how much this cost is?


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