Anti-abortion activist arrested at Notre Dame

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry has been arrested while protesting against President Barack Obama’s upcoming commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame just hours after he was ordered off school grounds.

The protest Friday involved demonstrators pushing carriages with dolls covered in fake blood.

Brown says the school issued a no-trespassing order after a protest Thursday and that the order is in effect until it’s rescinded by Notre Dame.

thats right notre dame had the pro-life protesters arrested and kicked off campus. how do you think they will react to any students thay try to protest. i expect expulsions for underclassmen and te withholding of diplomas for the seniors.

so for all the talk that this invitation is a chance for debate, how does this sit. the school silencing the pro-life side. i think the sidewalks of south bend will look like selma alabama with the police hosing protesters come graduation.

The Truth will be called a lie and the LIES will be called the truth.

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But they were pushing carriages with dolls covered in fake blood.

and? symbolic speech is also protected by the first amendment, so it wasnt criminal. the problem lies i think in the school not wanting protestors around. i think they would rather the issue die down so they can do as they please with no consequences.

Ahhhhh, my bad. I’m from Canada where free speech is more determined by the bully squad.

didnt notice the location your at the first time around, it does explain the confusion.

however i think this arrest is just a preview of what the actual graduation ceremony will be, so dont worry we’re catching up to you in the no free speech department.

It doesn’t sit well now, does it? My, my we have the makings of a circus on our hands. Despite all the high-minded notions of esteemed discourse and all that, I have to ask what in the world were the Notre Dame fathers thinking? This invitation was a dumb move, a shot in the foot. Let the awkward positions commence!

By the way, AggieCatholic, my beloved fellow soldier in Christ,

Hook 'Em! :smiley:

i think all that talk of ‘discourse’ was just rationalization for the people that like the idea of a Catholic school honoring obama. i wonder how many that liked his invitation would approve of this. i am quite concerned for the protestors come graduation, i truly hope it isnt a repeat of the police actions during the civil rights movement.

by the way, that little school down there in austin isnt ALL bad :smiley:

Sadly, even in offering an olive branch to the University of Texas, you are wrong. It is all bad, I fear. And it’s my alma mater.

That’s the irritating problem. Leftwing secular humanists have a lock on campus culture. I was a kwazy konswervative kwistian rolling through Austin, Texas, and let me say I learned how to survive by keeping my head down and saying, “Sir, yes sir!” to my professorial masters.

It’s the same everywhere, at every major “University”. I scare-quote university because it’s an oxymoron. I’m describing a monolithic ruling culture that brooks no dissent, and this is what we have at our so-called “universities.” Notre Dame here, in this affair, merely reveals that she is not immune to this phenomenon. That’s saddening, because we want to perceive her as a bastion of hope, a beacon of light.

Not just another statistic.

Keep gig’n 'em, Aggie!

yeah i know its all bad, but i’m trying to be charitable. wait it isnt all bad, some of the campus has nice architecture, thats something right.

and no all schools arent like that. unless you dont consider my alma mater to be a ‘major university’. trust me these folks would have had fans not the cops following them there.

yeah i think the time may have come to pull the Catholic title from them if they won’t straigten up before graduation.

and dont worry there will be a beacon of light there to protest the most pro-abortion president ever. i have a feeling that ifthey want us to go down we’re gonna do it with a bang and not just fade away like they’d like.

That is unbelievable…when people within our own Church are persecuting their fellow Catholics. It lacks so much charity, all in the name of one priest’s political agenda. Can you imagine St. Peter, St. Paul or St. John having someone arrested because they were protesting Christians being fed to the lions?

When is their right to be a Catholic University going to be rescinded? More importantly, how can anyone in Rome stand for this?

i think that question is over simplified. it should be ‘How can ANY Catholic stand for this?’

i was checking for news updates to this story,but so far all i can find is more people covering it(still not many though), but no new information. personally its to the point that i would like to see 1 of 2 things happen at graduation.

  1. all graduates not show up and have a sitin blocking entrances to keep obama out. but that seems unfair to keep them from their graduation when he is the one that shouldnt be there.


  1. when obama gets up to speak all students stand and turn their backs to him for the entirety of his remarks.

now none of my friends at notre dame are graduating this month, but they have passed this on to their friends that are. and while i doubt all will do it, i think #2 has some growing support.

Trust me. I can’t wait.

First off, Randall Terry and his army are extremists who are desperately trying to turn these seniors’ graduations into a circus. It’s wrong. The students have begged to the public on to leave the protesting to them. There will be student-led, prayerful protests. Bishop D’Arcy echoed their requests, also encouraging third party protestors to stay away from the Notre Dame campus.

Notre Dame’s land is private and a pro-homosexual crusade who drove through the country and stopped by religious schools who did not have an “orientation discrimination clause” in their charters were also arrested on campus last year. In other words, all third party protesters regardless of position are not allowed on the Notre Dame campus…period.

Randall Terry could have taken the money he spent on his prop plane over the ND campus, with his fetus banner hanging out, and given it to Notre Dame Right to Life, or any pro-life group for that matter. It would have gone to a much better use…or at least “a use”.

I believe this student says it best…

they are at least trying. maybe of those students could get obama uninvited,or even better to change his mind, then sure i’d say leave it to them. but the abortion holocaust is everyones problem. and i think that forcing the many people complacent in abortion to see what has been reaped from their sowing.

Hi. I agree that this is outrageous:
A couple more links relating to the story:
Focus on the Family reaction and statement
Pro-Life Group Reaction to arrest.

There is a world of difference between Randall Terry and pro-life students protesting the Obama invitation. Notre Dame’s standing policy, applied objectively in every situation (Domer1997 rightly cites the recent pro-homosexual caravan that was escorted off-campus) is that on-campus protests of any kind must be led by students and receive the proper permissions.

In fact, the Notre Dame student coalition, ND Response, has led and will lead several actions on campus in response to the Obama invitation, including:

  1. A Palm Sunday prayer rally in front of the Main Building (read about it here.)

  2. A cemetery for the innocents on South Quad.

  3. A prayerful demonstration ON COMMENCEMENT DAY on South Quad for students, graduates and their families, and pro-life outsiders wishing to engage in respectful and prayerful protest of President Obama’s presence at Commencement. ALL people of good will are invited to this, so visit ND Response’s website for more information.

Well, as a graduating senior (technically, I guess I’m a really young alum–I have my diploma, graduation date of January '09, but the May Commencement Exercises are just as much ‘mine’), I have to tell you that neither of these is happening.

#1 - The vast majority of the senior class unfortunately approves of President Obama and of the invitation for him to speak. They are excited to be there, and are far from wanting to bar the doors. That’s just how it is…

#2 - The students I know who are involved with protesting the president’s presence at Commencement ruled out this possibility pretty much from the get-go. This is what many students, not only at ND but at other colleges, did to President Bush, and in general I think it is disrespectful. We respect the office of the President, but not the man currently occupying it. We do not wish our actions to be construed as disrespecting the office, even as they are directed at the man.

Pro-life students like my husband and myself are weighing our options for the actual commencement. I had been looking forward to silently listening to President Obama’s speech while enthusiastically applauding and giving a standing ovation to Ambassador Glendon, but as that is out of the question now, we’re figuring out what to do…

It’s a horrible situation right now at ND, and Our Lady’s University needs your prayers. Why not join the Million Rosaries Crusade?

Rach620 i appreciate your response, but can not agree. being willing to sit by so you dont look like you are disrespecting the office is weak in my mind. obama is the one who has disrespected the office.

the standing invitation to presidents to speak at commencement was rescinded for Clinton, and it should be rescinded now. until he recants his support for goverment sanctioned murder there is no protest too loud. make them see and hear what they do. i agree that pray is needed too, and was already aware of your link, but is good that you included it.

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it has been removed thankfully.

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