Anti-abortion activists make 'hit-list' webpage of abortion-performing doctors


Antiabortion activists were found guilty today of inciting violence by posting on the Net a list of physicians names that reads like a “wanted” poster.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against the American Coalition of Life Activists and Advocates for Life Ministries in the U.S. District Court in Oregon, in an effort to deter sites like the Nuremberg Files, which lists contact information for more than 200 doctors and workers from abortion clinics around the country and calls for the “baby butchers” to be “brought to justice.”

The more than 12 defendants in the case were ordered to pay $100 million in damages to abortion clinics and doctors. They had argued that they have a free speech right to publish details about the doctors, but after a three-week trial, an eight-person jury found that such sites were a “true threat” to physicians who perform abortions, according to the Planned Parenthood Columbia/Willamette (PPCW) in Portland.

“While the threat of anti-choice terrorism is not over, this verdict means that these extremists cannot hide behind the First Amendment when they advocate killing abortion providers,” Lois Backus, executive director of PPCW, said in a statement.

The case surrounded not just Web sites, but the distribution of paper “wanted” posters that include the names of doctors that provide abortions, and in some cases their home addresses as well. The Nuremberg Files urges people to send “photos or videotapes of the abortionist, their car, their house, friends, and anything else of interest, as many and as recent as possible.”

In some instances, the Nuremberg Files lists the names of the doctors’ children and spouses. A handful of names on the list are crossed out to mark a “fatality,” among them New York physician Dr. Barnett Slepian, who was killed in his kitchen by a sniper bullet in October.

Just, just…

Well, I wish I could post up the big facepalm, but I’ve gotten in trouble for it before, and will not be doing it again.

Comments plz.

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Looked at the list. They’re missing this guy on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C…wait, they got Bush, what about Obama? The guy needs to update his list of abortion supporters/abetters.

I don’t think you get the point. What they are doing is setting up that hit-list so they can get personal info and eventually KILL the person in question. Not too pro-life, is it?

Also, please please don’t throw it off topic. Don’t talk about Obama please.

I made the mistake of looking at his website - it’s not for the squeamish!

He has a link called something like ‘the sin of the pro-life movement’. When you click on it there’s a picture of what I’m assuming are suppose to be pro-life people around what appears to be an altar with aborted babies on it. B16 is in the center of the photo.

I THINK the point this guy is trying to make is that pro-lifers aren’t handling the situation like most people handle other situations. e.g. we went to war against Hitler, why not abortionists.

Either way, this stuff is crazy.

These idiots are making the pro-life side look like the bad guys. They’re not helping the cause at all. They’re a small minority and they’re motivated by hate, not by love for God or babies or women.

I am for this type of list if it is used for the right purposes:
*]Documenting their crimes of infanticide
*]To make people aware of their crimes so they do not use their services (hit them financially.[/LIST]Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but we must use any non-violent means to make our point.

They’ll probably win on appeal, because I recall a few years back a similar case and the website won the right to post a list of murde… ah… abortionists and even had those who’d been shot crossed out!

But with that bort head Obama in power now, he might change the laws to make it harder for anti-aborionists.

And you sort of contradicted yourself in starting the thread with the term “anti-abortion activists” and then asked if it was “pro-life”.

There is a huge difference between anti-abortion activists and Pro-Lifers so you’ve already answered your question. It is not pro-life, it is AA. I’ve met AA who actually got offended by being called PL. I get annoyed when people call me AA because I’m about more then opposing the killing of unborn children and the maiming of women.

As it is, while I don’t support killing anyone - being Pro-Life and all, I’m not going to shed any tears if someone blows up a clinic, granted no one gets hurt. Essentially, I’ll cry when bricks bleed.

Of course, with that, acts of such explosions don’t serve the PL movement so I don’t think its a good idea.

But I mourn when an abortionist is killed, they will be burning in hell for not repenting of their ways. The likes of Bernade Nathanson fill me with hope that maybe they can change and save their souls from the damnation that killing so many innocent will bring.

I wonder if a simple listing of doctors with an appeal for them to change their ways might now not be allowed. I know that abortionists are not highly regarded in the medical industry. It requires a strong stomach to stay in the abortion industry.

I think this is the same one you are remembering. The “news” item in the OP was from 1999 but the second post linked an active site.

Its an industry possessed with strong demons.

As it is, its probably a lot of things that keeps those individuasl in there - abortionists are usually doctors who have failed or did poorly in general medicine, who’s grades are on average a lot lower, or the lowest - so can’t get jobs in non-murdering aspects of medicine.

Plus, I’d wadger the money is a big draw card. I don’t know about you guys, but I"ve never seen an abortionist wearing a burlap sack and driving a rubbish car.

I’m against killing abortionists and abortion supporters. I don’t go down that road.

Also, please please don’t throw it off topic. Don’t talk about Obama please.

If Bush can make the list, I wonder why the current president couldn’t? I think he hasn’t updated his list, that’s all.

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