Anti-abortion activists plan online push in Britain


Anti-abortion activists are preparing to launch a major campaign in Britain, using an increased online presence to compete with established service providers such as Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).

The UK-based charity Life, which campaigns against abortion and has been at the centre of controversy over the information provided by its unregulated pregnancy counselling centres, will later this month embark on a significant shift in its online approach.

“Our new strategy will meet these women where they’re at – making contact with the girl who’s about to book an abortion with one click on her smartphone or the woman on her way to the clinic,” according to the organisation.


It is time for Britain to strike back against the leftist agenda.


Britain is correct to fight back against abortion.

The EU, UN, and Amnesty International were created to prevent a Nazi regime from arising again

World War I and II killed 110 million people approx.

Now the EU, UN, and Amnesty International are trying to legalise the right for mothers to murder their own sons and daughters.

Abortion in the last 40 years has butchered and murdered 2,000% more human beings than World War I and World War put together,
1.2 billion sons and daughters in fact have been murdered through abortion,

The Nazis used to kill people with special needs or who were handicapped.

Abortion, to kill a baby will burn the baby out, smoke the baby out, suffocate the baby, squeeze the live babies head until it bursts, rip the live baby out piece,
And ex-abortion doctors have testified that the baby feels every single pain. And is often born alive regardless, and some abortion clinics leave the live baby to starve to death, they smother the baby, or they inject the baby with poison.

What civilisation would let mothers murder their sons or daughters?

Intercourse creates babies.
Which is why God prohibits it outside of a committed Sacrament of marriage between a mum and dad, open to life.

People need self control outside of marriage. And extreme cases of unwanted pregnancies should put the baby up for adoption instead of committing murder.



England is my country and it is about time abortion was seen as it actually is!


False dichotomy. Anti abortionism in the UK is not a preserve of the left - there are Labour party Catholic MPs who are against it and Conservative ones who support it. I do wish Americans would stop constantly seeing things through their own country’s simplistic lens!


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