Anti-abortion activities

I am trying to locate web resources (and especially, organizations) on how to become more involved in anti-abortion activities and have found the American Life League, the largest Catholic anti-abortion organization in America, and an apologist here recommended Priests for Life.
I am wondering if any of you have any other recommendations. When I say “more involved” I mean actual street work, carrying signs, as well as donating and reading more about it. I did a Google search last night and was browsing the subject on wikipedia “Catholic Church” and read where our Church, the Catholic Church, is the only church that is against abortion, period.
I already knew this but was surprised to read that all mainstream Protestant denominations are not quite so decided about the issue.
All others are either lukewarm about it or are actually Pro-Choice, which means in reality Pro-Death although they prefer the former designation, naturally.
Thanks for any help, in advance.

Your local chapter of National Right to Life will get you involved in the secular side of things. Your local Crisis Pregnancy Center will need your help!

Here are other great resources:

40 Days For Life


Excellent! I already went to Thanks for all the recommendations.


Is there a near-by Knights of Columbus council where you live? As of last year all KofC councils are supposed to have a Right to Life committee that are active in the fight against abortion. If there is not a council near by, or the near by coucil do not have a right to life committee yet, maybe your parish does. My parish is only 250 families strong (registered not practicing) so those of us in our parish joined the county’s right to life group; check to see if your city/county/township etc. has a group. If not, maybe it is your calling to get one started!!! There is more to it than carrying signs and side walk counseling, there is a lot of planning and orginizing. Maybe that is what God wants you to do in your area. There are a lot of people out there just like you who want to do more, they just don’t know where to start. Give them that place to start. Find them, befriend them, and put them to work. Before you know it, your group will be at the local abortion mill changing hearts and minds. Good luck and God bless.


Huge parish here, thanks, K of Columbus next on my growing list!

Wait, wait, WHAT? Is that true? Seriously?

It says that those denominations, as denominations, not member for member, do not believe as the Catholic Church does, i.e. no abortion, period. They either embrace pro-life, as it is called, or they decide themselves as individuals. This is not to say that there are not thousands of other Christians who are anti-abortion. The article said that as denominations, the Lutherans, the Episcopals, have no such church-wide stance against abortion. The Catholic Church is the only church that maintains that stance, as a church, not as individuals within.

Oh. Well. I did not know that.

Those denominations who oppose abortion in all situations are rare, I think there is one of the small Lutheran groups who does, the Assemblies of God I think are 99.9% pro life (they do permit abortificiant contraceptives). The rest are swing from the huge greasy “rape/incest/life of the mother” loophole and “it is a decision between a woman and her doctor”.

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