Anti-abortion candidates need not apply in 2015, Justin Trudeau says


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says all candidates running for nomination to represent the Liberal Party in 2015 will have to support the party’s pro-choice position, but that the same rule does not apply to sitting MPs.

“I have made it clear that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills,” Trudeau said Wednesday following his party’s weekly caucus meeting in Ottawa . . .

Trudeau’s comments came after members of the Campaign Life Coalition held a news conference ahead of the annual March for Life anti-abortion protest​ which will take place on Parliament Hill on Thursday.

I’m a pious Catholic man just landed
From the town of Ballyfad
I want a political office, yes
And want it very bad
I have seen an office open
“It’s just the thing” says I
"But the dirty spalpeen ended with
‘No Pro-Lifers Need Apply’ "

New intolerant and discriminatory standards set by Justin Trudeau, a Catholic politician from a well known political family in Canada against any prospective Pro-Life Liberal Party candidates.


I’m not versed in Canadian politics, what’s the scoop on the Liberal Party? Are they mainstream?


Yes, there are three main parties, Conservative (which is actually Center\Left by US standards) , Liberal (very left) and NDP (socialist)


Sounds like they have turned themselves into a party which can not be supported by Catholics.


Well wait now - they are for slaughtering the unborn, but don’t they support welfare programs for already born needy kids? I mean, let’s not be single issue voters. *




In other words, according to US standards, they’d be pretty much “Blue Dog Dems, mainstream Dems, and Green Party?”


And apparently, the so-called “Conservative” party in Canada isn’t much better - they tolerate the occasional pro-life candidate, but have pretty much decided to take the abortion issue off of the table.


Prior to him becoming leader of the Liberal party he spoke at a Catholic school with the endorsement of a Catholic Bishop despite his open pro-abortion views


I’m confused. If all people running for nomination cannot be pro-life, yet the rule doesn’t apply to sitting MPs, does that mean that sitting pro-life MPs are being forced to retire? Or are they exempt and can run for the nomination too? We should encourage the pro-life members of the Liberal Party to stay in as long as possible in order to fight this idiocy.


So its not retroactive but by attrition. We have allowed the secular left to slowly take over our societies. In Europe, in Canada, and here I’m afraid.



It amazes me how secular societies fall for abortion, hook, line, and sinker. It shouldn’t take the Bible to tell you it’s wrong. Or at least controversial enough for argument. Yet, in Australia, amendments to their abortion law banning late term or* partial-birth* abortion was voted down as well as an amendment requiring providing anaesthetic to the baby and another mandating a woman be informed of the health risks of abortion.

In the US, it is only thanks to pro-life politicians that there is any regulation at all. Why we’re dirty, unsafei clinics defended in the past?


That is exactly what happened in the Seattle archdiocese. And they wonder how pro-abortion candidates win and respect for life loses. They should look at the people they legitimize by their fellowship. This has also happened in the LA archdiocese, and I’m sure many others.



I wouldn’t call the Liberal party “very left” nor would I call the Conservative party center/left (although progressive Conservatives would more or less fit this description there are other conservatives that don’t, i.e., they are more center/right, i.e., like the Wild Rose party in Alberta). The NDP is very left/but not quite socialist.


He gets himself into trouble at least once a week with inane comments like these, he has foot mouth disease.


Justin Trudeau is Canada’s Joe Biden. E.g. When the crisis in Ukraine started he made the smart aleck remark it was because Russia lost in Ice Hockey during the Olympics.

During a women’s only dinner event he was asked what other country he admires and he said China for their dictatorial way of running the government.

I would consider Liberals very left especially considering that Trudeau wants to put in a Carbon Tax. Stéphane Dion anyone?


I am not familiar with Canadian politics either. Are there any pro-life political parties in Canada which stand a chance in winning elections?



What is irreplacable about the Liberal Party that it needs to remain? You don’t make deals with the devil. Staying with a party that is in direct confrontation with Catholic teaching on matters of such importance is being complicit with evil. You are encouraging and cooperating with evil.

At some point you will have to recognize that support for increasing the minimum wage is not sufficient justification for supporting a party that is virulently pro-abortion, because there is NO justification.


Their “Conservative” Party is not as Conservative as the Republican Party in American politics.

It’s pretty much an ignored issue for all three major political parties in Canada but there are signs of hope which may lead to change.

50% of Canadians think that abortion should be restricted in some way, and Right to Life Marches are occurring in Canada.


Because the more entrenched we allow abortion to become in ANY Party plank, the more entrenched abortion becomes. Quite frankly, I’m not quite sure how you can suggest we should just let the last pro-life voices in the Liberal Party die out. I’d rather they stay, fight, make a ruckus, and get this overturned before it becomes permanent.


Mr. Justin Trudeau, MP
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa

May 14, 2014

Dear Mr. Trudeau,
I am deeply concerned about your decision that citizens who, in conscience, seek to assure the protection of the most vulnerable among us are not acceptable as candidates in your party.

Just last week Pope Francis sent a message of support for thousands of your fellow citizens who gathered on Parliament Hill to peacefully affirm the right to life, and the need to protect the vulnerable. He assured them of his spiritual closeness “as they give witness to the God-given dignity, beauty and value of human life.” It is worth noting that if Pope Francis, as a young man, instead of seeking to serve in the priesthood in Argentina, had moved to Canada and sought to serve in the noble vocation of politics, he would have been ineligible to be a candidate for your party, if your policy were in effect.

Among the two million Catholics of my archdiocese, there are members of all political parties, including your own. I encourage all of them, of whatever party, to serve the community not only by voting but by active engagement in political life as candidates. It is not right that they be excluded by any party for being faithful to their conscience.

Political leaders surely have the right to insist on party unity and discipline in political matters which are within the legitimate scope of their authority. But that political authority is not limitless: it does not extend to matters of conscience and religious faith. It does not govern all aspects of life.

The patron saint of politicians is St. Thomas More. He came into conflict with the political authority of his day on a matter of conscience. The king claimed control over his conscience, but Thomas was “the king’s good servant, but God’s first.” Political leaders in our day should not exclude such people of integrity, no matter how challenging they find their views.
I urge you to reconsider your position.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto

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