Anti-abortion group wants attacks on Rubio and Cruz to stop


A leading anti-abortion activist group is calling on GOP presidential campaigns to quit criticizing the inflexible positions of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

As moderate candidates fight for oxygen in New Hampshire, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser sent Cruz and Rubio’s rivals a letter on Thursday urging them to stop attacking the two senators for opposing abortion exceptions in cases of rape and incest. Dannenfelser said her organization agrees with Cruz and Rubio on opposing exceptions and said attacks on their “courageous” positions are misguided and counterproductive.

“These attacks ill-serve a party that has pledged, in one form or another, since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 ‘to restore protection of the right to life for unborn children,’” Dannenfelser wrote. “Let me be clear: An attack on this aspect of these candidates’ pro-life positions is an attack on the pro-life movement as a whole.”


I heard something about Senator Lindsay Graham saying there should be these exceptions. And possibly being critical of one of these two candidates over this.


In cases of rape and incest. I’m surprised they didn’t add their famous finish-off. The health and life of the mother is in danger.:rolleyes: So viciously attack an innocent baby because it resulted from rape. Grab it out of the womb and jam a pair of scissors into its neck and suction out its brains until its head deflates. Really.


Do you really need to write it out in so much detail? Just… is it necessary?


Sadly yes. One of the ways that evil expands is when we fail to accurately describe evil and what it is doing. The pro-abortion crowd loves to use euphemisms to hide what they want. They say they are “pro-choice”, but never say what that choice is. She accurately described the “choice” they want people to be able to make.

And why is the title of this thread using the language of the pro-abortion crowd? “Anti-abortion”??? Really?


I know a person that was okay with abortion. Didn’t know much about it and didn’t want to talk about it.

I mentioned that after an abortion they have to piece the baby back together on a tray, count to make sure they have two legs and arms, in order to make sure nothing was left in the mother.

This person is now against abortion because they said they had “no idea” this is what an abortion was like.

I know what you mean, though. It’s awful to think about. :frowning:


I’m honestly surprised that exactly what abortion is isn’t just common knowledge. How can some of these people truly be in the dark of what it involves? I’ve known for years, and have always been absolutely horrified by it.


Agreed, well said :thumbsup:


zz912. You asked:

And why is the title of this thread using the language of the pro-abortion crowd? “Anti-abortion”??? Really?

I understand where you are coming from.

And I frequently ask myself the same question concerning WHY the main stream MEDIA does this.

But here at CAF, the forum rules ask us to post the exact title of the news story if we are posting in one of the “News” categories.

I’ve seen many fine _Abyssinia posts (and yours too) and I don’t think there is a surrender to the culture wars going on here in this thread.

But the question certainly could/should be put forth to the media outlets themselves.

God bless.



While I hate the term “anti-abortion”, it’s only because it reminds me of the twisted lingo of the pro-“choicers”. No! I won’t even call them what they like to be called. They are pro-murder. They don’t give innocent lives a thread of dignity, why should their killers be given any respect? Other than that, yes, we are anti-abortion. What’s wrong with that? What I really hate is “anti-choice.” Don’t get me started. It all depends, of course, on just what that “choice” is. By calling pro-life “anti-abortion”, I don’t see how they can possibly think it makes all the difference. They can’t understand the meaning of two words put together? Anti means against. Abortion means murder. “Against murder.” And that’s wrong? Are people really this stupid that they see the word “anti” in front of anything, and it automatically means it’s a bad thing? They obviously don’t see *what *they’re against.
Also to add, the whole pro-“choice” group is nothing more than a clique.


Look I’m not here to be rude or anything but its just a personal choice when choosing the use of words I think. I don’t really get upset about it but that’s just me. There is no need to create extra anxiety in my life.


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