Anti-Abortion Groups Send Targeted Ads to Women in Planned Parenthood Clinics


Some anti-abortion groups are sending women targeted advertisements on mobile phones in real-time when the women enter a Planned Parenthood clinic, relying on a commonly available location feature that ad industry networks provide.

A Boston-based mobile marketing agency, Copley Advertising, has attracted several anti-abortion groups as clients for the location-based abortion clinic ad targeting service, Rewire, a nonprofit women’s rights news site, reported this week. The ads urge pregnant women to “be informed” and “get the facts first” while linking to antiabortion groups’ web sites. Copley said one client had already reached 800,000 18-to-24-year-old women and 2,000 had had clicked the ad to reach the client’s web site, Rewire reported.


Planned Parenthood is not going to allow this to go unanswered for very long since this is going to hit them in the wallet. They are probably on the direct connection hotline phone to the offices of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and the Oval Office as we read this.

I wonder how long it will be before these advertising companies get audited?


I suspect pressure could be put on the agency to stop the advertising, but I could be wrong.


Ambulance-chasing personal injury attorneys use this same technology to scrounge up clients in hospitals. It’s all the rage…harnessing technology to capitalize on the misery of others.


Do you think abortion is misery then? Anti abortion groups are trying to provide information to women so they make a different choice and the life of their baby is spared and saved.


I agree. The technology used to suck children out of their mothers womb capitalizes not only on the misery of the child but on the mother as well


About time Right to life movements began catching up with modern campaign tactics. Hopefully this will be expanded to massive scale, it’d be so easy to create PACs to funnel the money.


I’ve never met a person who thinks abortion doesn’t bring some hardship with it. But woman are strong enough to make their own very personal choices in this regard. I certainly support any woman who is pregnant and confused to NOT having an abortion. I still think it’s gross to target them with ads - its like pop-up videos when one is trying to read an article - intrusive and obnoxious - regardless of what population is being geo-cached. MOO, of course.


So long as the Mother approved of killing her child that makes it OK?


For me, it is the geo-caching technology I find intrusive - regardless of the issue being geo-cached. Still, I’m sure we’ll see more and more of it in the future.

As you know, you and I disagree that abortion is “a mother killing her child.” Abortion is not an issue I’m interested in discussing with you because you clearly have it figured out for yourself and I can add nothing meaningful to your thought processes or beliefs on the subject.

I certainly support and honor your decision to never have an abortion.


One cannot be pro-choice without first being for complete access of all information reaching those face with the decision.
Ergo, pro-choice is a misnomer.


And I honor your decision never tobacco somebody to pieces-but that doesn’t mean it should be legal for others. What is the difference between killing a child the day before it is born and the day after it is born? When did your denomination change their teaching on abortion and how do they reconcile that with their teAchings on abortion for the first 500 years after they were established? Is the truth fungible?Can something be morally wrong in 1600 but suddenly become OK IN 2,000?


I work for a company that can do this type of digital advertising too (not the company in the article). A couple thoughts:

The ads can’t target patients at PP directly. They likely target anyone who accesses the internet with a browser on a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) within the defined area (probably 100 feet around the location of the PP office). That means patients see it, employees see it. Someone in the office next door sees it. A sidewalk counselor sees it. Someone parked on the street eating a burger sees it.

2,000 visits out of 800,000 impressions is pretty nice. It may not sound like much, but it is a good response rate in the realm of digital advertising. The ad is doing its job getting people to the groups website.


Deliberately killing an innocent human is wrong.
A child yet to be born is an innocent human being.
Therefore, killing a child yet to be born is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with employing a technology like this to prevent an abominable moral crime.


Thanks. Informative.


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