Anti-abortion lobby is pitching a new demographic: Democratic women


The anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List is targeting a very different kind of voter this cycle: For the first time, the lobby and advocacy group is pitching women in Democratic households.

The experiment is being tried in the tight Iowa Senate race between Republican state Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley.

That approach sounds counterintuitive, but 29 percent of Democrats identify themselves as “pro-life” on surveys. And while Democratic women have been blanketed with “war on women” messages, they’ve been mostly ignored by those on the other side on the abortion issue.


I’d say that the approach appeals to me, but I have reservations that this is being cast as a political strategy.*** Abortion*** is the important issue here, not party politics. IMO, abortion is an issue of respect for human life, not a political football. But I guess any progress toward respectful dialog with people of different ideologies over a matter *this central *to human dignity, is a sign of progress…?


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