Anti-Catholic books

What are the basic accusations made in Anti-Catholic books? What are the names of some Anti-Catholic books?

I know this is an old thread but I find this to be an excellent question.
Anti-Catholic books: History of the Roman Catholic Church by Lorraine Boettner
Anti-Catholic Accusations…well, basically any of the beliefs that Catholics have. Especially those that have to do with Real Presence, role of Faith, grace and works in Salvation, Mary, indulgences, Rosary, confession to a priest, confession in general, the fact that we don’t believe in the Rapture, the way Catholics “interpret” Scripture, crucifixes, Purgatory, Catholics lack of familiarity with Scripture, etc

Anti-Catholic web sites or preachers:
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
Mission to Catholics
Christians for Catholics
Jack Chick’s website - History of the Roman Catholic Church- written by an Anti-Catholic Protestant
Google History of the Catholic Church and most of the websites will be anti-Catholic

You can also get some great apologetics downloads for free from this is a very orthodox (ie loyal to magisterium) Catholic website(despite the name). It is excellent.
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It’s basically hypocritical lying… saying, look at that one verse in Matthew where he says not to babble in prayer with many words… and then ignoring what Jesus said as He gave us the Our Father, in Luke when the guy beat his chest and prayed for mercy over and over, later in Matthew when Jesus prays over and over the same thing… it basically goes like this.
Also they’ll say, Oh, in 1 Tim tradition is frowned upon, when like two more times in the same book apostolc tradition is praised, and the aforementioned faulty, HUMAN tradition is rebuked.
So it’s basically a very hypocritical, ignorant view of the Bible that most will hold.

What is funny is that the whole babbling prayer thing… is what you see in Protestant Churches. Not the simple, Pater Noster, as given to us by Jesus with a warning not to prayer grandly in public. And that Protestants trust their individual pastors/reverends for an interpretation of the Bible, and yet wonder how we could ever follow the interpretation of billions over the millenia:shrug:

But anyway… their objections come down to:rolleyes::
Mary not being a virgin, we pray to idols
Purgatory isn’t real
Real Presence isn’t true
Last Rites is sinful
Baptism as babies is wrong
Jesus never drank real wine, just grape juice

And I think that’s it.
I don’t know any anti-catholic books… so sorry:o
Jack Chick “comic books” are very anti-catholic… people pass them out in cities and such…
Also check out this website: if you’re feeling courageous… don’t read the page about Mary if you’re a sensitive soul… I’ll admit it made me cry, for the horrible offenses against her Immaculate Heart. I mean this website is the epitome of Anti-Catholicism on the internet.

Sort of irrelevant… but I don’t know if you’ve been on lately… but they keep a good record of anti-catholicism on their site, going back to 1994 I believe.

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Is he still alive?

If you go to a “Christian” bookstore, almost any book you pick up will be an anti-Catholic book.

It should be embarrassing how much they criticize the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church simply could not have gotten everything wrong, as they suggest.

A Lutheran minister gave me a copy of what I’ll call a Lutheran catechism. It was filled with arguments against the Catholic Church. And, these were shallow arguments, you know, everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. For example, the author was shocked that the pope would issue these various documents and he would want the Catholics to believe what he said! Well, duh, didn’t he, himself, want people to believe what he wrote in that book? This is a self-incriminating accusation – doing the very thing you are accusing somebody else of.

And, there were just pages and pages of silly arguments.

I saw a website which had a challenge to Catholics, to answer these 100 objections from this local church in my home town. Well, one of the silliest is that Catholics think that “church” is a building. In fact, Catholics use the word “church” in both senses, the essential meaning is the body of Catholic believers; the secondary and common usage is a building. The Bible uses words that have double meanings, all the time, and this is not only in English, but also in the original Hebrew. Pick up any serious dictionary, and for a word there will be definition 1, definition 2, etc. Get a life!

There is no end to the list of anti-Catholic books. And, then, go on to books which are anti-religion – which are inherently anti-Catholic.

A Jewish book that is anti-Christian is “Why the Jews Rejected Jesus” by David Klinghoffer.

I don’t know, but his vitriolic poison is still being spewed everywhere by his followers!

And still a nut.

Dont forget "Foxes Book of Martyrs" , published in the16th Century, plus all of the old
favourites from the “Reformation” onwards. I noticed "Foxes" in a local "Christian " bookshop in a nice new softcover edition, less than 10 years ago. "Catholicism and Fundamentalism" is a pretty good whos who of bigot books. Maria Monk and Charles
Chiniquy from the 19th Century are good fantasy tale spinners.

Just about every piece of hate literature ever publushed seems to be at least read-
able on the Internet. Old Nick has plenty of material to keep stoking the fire.

The most venomously anti-Catholic literature generally comes from ex-Catholics.
In most cases, they lie about Church teachings and practices, and eventually give
themselves away to Catholics who know a bit. Talk about hypocrisy and calumny!
Scott Hahn said that most of `em leave over a moral issue…so they resort to axe-
grinding in an attempt to cover their own faults (eg Chiniquy, an adulterer).

Jack Chick and the now infamous Tony Alamo are two of a handful of “never were
Catholics” who are up there (down there?) with the worst of the ex-Catholics.

One comforting truth: Our Lord said to the Apostles: “the world hated Me, so…”

Why would you want to read anti-Catholic books? Are you a glutton for punishment? :confused:

But if you insist - The Da Vinci Code is an anti-Catholic book.

:rotfl: you got THAT right :wink:

Thank you. :thumbsup:

Well, Maybe the OP wants to know so that s/he can avoid it. You know, sometimes bookstores do not arrange the books properly.

There’s a bookstore I went, which put any Bibles on the christian shelves, one of the title was “Bible for Atheists” or something like that. They even put “Conversation with God series” by Neale Donald Walsch on the christian shelves. I believe we all know that these books are anti-christian.

And sometimes, I do read anti-Catholic websites (hey, it’s free!) so that I could learn more about Catholic teachings and learn how to defend myself if I meet one.

Just my 2 cents. :smiley:

“The Great Controversy” by Ellen Gould White, foundress of the Seventh Day
Adventists, is a fascinating read for those who can make it to the last page.
EG Whites attitude, still followed by the SDAs, is “Any enemy of Roman
Catholicism must be a friend of mine.” Makes for some pretty strange bed-
fellows eg Waldensians, Albigensians. The tripe spewed out by this sect
reminds one of the accusations hurled at Our Lord by some of the religious
leaders of His day: whatever He did was evil - even casting out demons was
done using demonic power. The sin against the Holy Spirit would have to apply
to the the SDA leaders and a helluva lot of others: Chick, Alamo, self-defrocked
Fr. Richard Bennett (“You are a priest forever…”) of Berean Beacon, Brewer, ad

SDA accusation: Catholics worship the sun.

I heard an SDA pastor say: “You cant beat the good ol King James.”. Yeah,
they`re in that group, but not traditional Fundies themselves.

You have to feel sorry for some of these Catholic-baiters though… the poor
beggars can`t make up their minds whether the Pope/Church is the Beast, the
Image of the Beast, the Antichrist, Babylon, the Whore etc, or all of them.

“Christian” bookshops should have a Fantasy section.

P.S. The JWs and the Christadelphians have some rich ore waiting to be mined.

I’m currently reading The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, and am much amused by the frequency with which it draws on anti-Catholic cliches, all of which are beyond the realms of credibility. (The anonymous preface takes the cake, though: “American parents have here a book written for the salvation of their daughters; American patriots, one designed to secure society against one of the most destructive but insidious institutions of popery; American females, an appeal to them of the most solemn kind, to beware of Convents, and all who attempt to inveigle our unsuspecting daughters into them, by the secret apparatus of Jesuit schools.”)

Here’s the Wikipedia article:

They preach anti-Catholicism in their doctrines !
They dedicate much study to eschatology and promote anti-Catholic theories.
Adbentism is the violent enemy of Cathoilisism .
I think that in some cases if its possible , Adventsists should be responsible for their activity , and there should be administrative responsibility for their activity.
Jehovah Witnessers and Adventsis are anti-Catholic extremists.
I think its like in the hospital some sick people need more extreme treatment , some sicknesses require more radical action against the sickness.
They stop people on the streets , they knock the doors of the houses and make their propaganda every where and discredit the Church.
Some unexperienced Catholic even can be a victims of their propaganda and be indifferent to the Church truth.

My first thoughts were:
Catholicism by Loraine Boettner
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop
Babylon Mystery Religion by Ralph Woodrow {followed of course once he realized the errors of his ways w/ his pro-Catholic book The Babylon Connection}

You should check out Karl Keating’s Catholicism and Fundamentalism. I think he goes through a list of anti-Catholic books and some responses to them.

The Left Behind series
The Gospel According to Rome by James G. McCarthy
50 Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy
A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt
Answers To My Catholic Friends by Thomas F. Heinze
Babylon Religion by David W. Daniels
Billy Graham and His Friends by Dr. Cathy Burns
Understanding Roman Catholicism by Rick Jones
The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional by Charles Chiniquy
Queen of All by Jim Tetlow
The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris
Smokescreens by Jack T. Chick
The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop

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