Anti-Catholic Books

Does anyone know of any anti-Catholic lit. i could read for the purposes of study?

Thank You.

Situation hasn’t changed much since 1995. Three books from that year:

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals by Geisler/Mackenzie (the most fair evangelical critique)

Gospel According to Rome by James G. McCarthy (best fundy attack)

Church of Rome at the Bar of History (best evangelical attack attempting to use the Fathers and history)

Various parts of these books are addressed on my site. The McCarthy book was answered in a book by Gary Michuta.

Phil P

Fiction or non-fiction?

Jack Chick’s oeuvre is available online at I don’t know if you can really ‘study’ those though – they’re more a source of humor than anything!

:wink: Fiction at its finest!

I would recommend that IF you are going to study the anti, you keep a huge stack of the “pro” literature and read that, before and after.

Sort of like taking Nexium BEFORE the heartburn kicks in. Prophylactic medication.

The Bible. The Catechism. Works of G.K. Chesterton, De Montfort, Neuman, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine. That way, when you see the ‘whoppers’, you’ll have the ‘refutations’ right at hand.

I’ve often said, “GIGO” (Garbage in, garbage out). I’m careful to ‘feed’ myself more ‘good’ than ‘garbage’.

I’ve got the first two, of course. I just wanted to know which volumes of Chesterton’s, De Montfort’s, Newman’s, and especially Augustine’s works i should get, since i’ve heard that someone said, ‘’ He who says that he has read all of Augustine lies’’!

Thank you very much for your help.

Both would help, please.


no, and i wouldn’t recommend any if i knew of them!:dts:

Lorraine Boettner’s Roman Catholicism is a classic. I had a co-worker bring it to work. My hair stood on end with the blatant distortions.

This is the book I would recommend. Many anti-Catholics cite this book. When you check the “references” in it, they are nonexistent. Mr. Boettner (he was a man, despite his name) made stuff up out of whole cloth.


There are also the classic’s:

Foxe’s Book of Marytrs

A Woman Rides the Beast

Trail of Blood

And have to add - the Left Behind series - gag.

Yes, Boettner’s book and it’s inconsistancies and lies were discussed at length in Keating’s book. I think he called it the anti-Catholic bible.

I seem to remember Akin mentioning Dave Hunt as a leading anti-Catholic author?

This isn’t an Anti-Catholic book, but Karl Keating’s “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” states the arguments from Boettner, Chick, and many others in their own words and offers excellent refutations of their arguments. In this way, you can see what they write, while at the same time seeing exactly how to refute it.

And I agree about Jack Chick only being worthwhile for humor. I first heard of him when a Protestant friend recommended it to me as a good laugh. (Note: this is a liberal Protestant friend with whom I enjoy having theological discussions and who knew I would get a kick out of it; he wasn’t trying to use it for any type of conversion purpose…Fundamentalists probably wouldn’t consider him a Christian either.) I enjoyed it for the humor from my perspective, but recognize the real problem it poses when those poorly versed in the faith read it and are left to draw conclusions about the Church.

The thing is, most anti-Catholic literature isn’t really worth reading for a serious Catholic, because almost all of it isn’t based on accurate understandings of what the Church teaches. There are probably academic critiques of the Church, mostly from liberal Christians, but most fundamentalist literature isn’t exactly academic in nature, nor is it difficult to see the distortion and misunderstanding of Catholic teaching.

So I’d recommend reading the works of Chick, Boettner, and the like only if you want a good laugh, but never take any of it seriously, for the sake of your own faith if for no other reason.

I can’t believe I’m the first poster to say this, but anything by Dan Brown, especially “The Da Vinci Code”.

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