Anti-catholic brother part 2

How do I respond to my brother claims that the Jesuits and the Black Pope are in control of everything and are responsible for all of the crime and corruption in the World? I don’t take his claims seriously. But hes turning into a Conspiracist Wacko and needs to be straightened out. One person he believes about the Jesuits is some lady on youtube named Karen Hudes who says that they are part of the corruption. So what should I say to my brother?

I’d never heard of Karen Hudes, so googled her. Scroll down to the 5th paragraph to see just how strange her allegations are.

I don’t know what you can say to someone who believes such stuff. I’m sorry for your brother & will pray for him. Perhaps that is all you can do also.



I agree that these are discussions you don’t need to be having with your brother. Tell him you don’t want to discuss his theories.

What do your parents have to say about any of his theories?

It sounds like a really STRONG chemical imbalance. Seriously, I wouldn’t take much he says to heart. I really think he needs to be prayed for and looked at by a professional. Take care.

^^^see these last two posts.

  1. Tell your brother that you love him, and you love him enough to be worried about him and to tell him a hard truth…which is that he is up to his eyeballs in wingnuts. I’m sure your family can come up with a more charitable way to say it, but that’s the best I can do right now.

  2. Pray. Pray. And fast. And pray.

  3. Talk to your parents/other sibs? Intervention time?

I agree that praying and fasting is the way to go. I’m less convinced about involving family unless you believe he’s at risk of hurting himself or others. Everything should come from a loving standpoint so I personally would go kinda slow.

Best wishes and prayers for you and yours!

Ask your brother if he believes K. Hudes is speaking infallibly, i.e., what she is saying about the Jesuits and Black Pope is true, without error. If his answer is positive then ask him “based on what evidence?”.

Such ideas often have a political agenda behind them. If so, that is a tough area to change minds. If there’s not a sense of God, it can serve as an idol.

I agree with the other posters on what to do about it. If it were me, I’d also move the dialogue toward what the end goal of all the conspiracy research might be.

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