Anti-Catholic Christian Groups on Facebook

Rant coming!

I am sick of joining Christian groups on FB and later finding out that they are spreading misinformation about us Catholics. I don’t want to engage in dialogue with them because I know it would be worthless. Does anyone know of FB groups that are Christian and accept Catholics? I only know of one.

Is it a case of purposefully spreading misinformation in order villanize the Church, or is it a case that the individuals are expressing their own misconceptions? If it’s the later, I would be fine with staying in the group and explaining what the Church actually does or teaches. Sometimes it’s just straight up ignorance and if you explain reality with charity you can have a really good discussion. Now, if the person is not just misinformed but actually anti Catholic, they aren’t gong to be willing to accept information that goes against their conclusion, so you are probably just wasting your time.

As Catholics - though it can be frustrating - we need to give people the benefit of the doubt in assuming two things: 1) they are ignorant, and 2) they are suffering.

After Paul VI became the Archhbishop of Milan, he spent 100 hour weeks touring his archdiocese and gaining a rapport with the people. Milan was a stronghold for the communist party in the aftermath of WW2 for Italy, and he is noted for saying, “It is a sad thing for a man to be a communist. He must have suffered greatly to freely accept what offers him so little dignity”.

The world is a cacophony of misinformation and confusion. The world has failed people in many ways. They stumble through the dark and navigate with only stray beams of light in their life here and there. It is an unspeakable privilege to be a Catholic that is an ardent lover of the faith, and to understand you are surrounded by beauty with every breath. Only a few ever find this. You must be patient with them.

Also, though I won’t say that “Facebook is dumb”, it is generally a poor medium for serious reflection & discussion. People are mostly there to share fun stuff and keep in touch.

Two things:

  1. I consider FB and pretty much all “social media” except CAF to be a colossal waste of time.

  2. Why bother with n-C groups anyway since most are nothing more than hotbeds for a-C propaganda. (Said with apologies to those few exceptions.)

We need to spread the Gospel and share our faith…not get tangled up with FB back and forth where rational dialog almost never takes place. Find something better to do with your time.

+1 one.
I rarely peek at facebook. Most of my friends who use it a lot consider it an addiction that they’d like to be rid of.
Just don’t look.

I see this a lot too. I don’t have a lot of suggestions for you, other than to stick to groups you know are Catholic based only.

My qualm isn’t about the christian groups but about the anti God groups. Anyone heard about the facebook character named “God”? It is despicable and mean spirited and anyone that is Christian that comments (even if kindly) will proceed to be made fun of, meanwhile the facebook page is supposedly supporting “equal love” and “acceptance of all” (Guess that excludes Christians though.)

Sorry didn’t mean to make your post about my rant haha, but I know there has been many times when I thought about deleting facebook because of things like this. Hang in there!

I’m a strong advocate for cleaning up our own mess and Catholics have much to clean up as there are many Catholics who do not understand the church teachings on our separated brothers. We have much work to do in this aspect of our own faith and no one better to do it than from those from in our own house.

That said, my opinion is to find ways to hold accountable those non-Catholics, who do consider Catholics to be fellow Christians, to clean up their own house sense they consider themselves as one body in Christ.


FB is a great way of sharing the faith, if you know how to do it.

I got rid of mine for much this reason, although I found in my case it was anti-Christian all round rather than just being anti-Catholic or anti-Orthodox or whatever.

Plus a lot of these groups are about confirmation bias- people are attracted to a particular group simply because it’s telling them what they want to hear and already believe. In most cases, providing them with a dissenting or alternate viewpoint is pointless as they will find some way to dismiss your contribution or play mental gymnastics to make their own viewpoint fit.

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