Anti Catholic emails

OK so I’ve been emailing this guy on Yahoo!Answers inthe religion&Spirituality sect. He’s anti Catholics, and doesn’t think Catholcis are Christians. I asked him how we weren’t, because we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and redeemer of the world, and followed his word.

He said because we were pharasees becuase we di donie thing when the bible says another… I said that there wasnt a single cayholic Doctrine that contradicted sacred scripture and I said if he thought there was one to tell me and I could probaly explain how it really didn’t. And he replied

“well i just got out of an argument with a catholic saying mary is mother of the Trinity, if ur not a catohlic you go to hell, and many other things…”

I didn’t really believe a Catholic would say that, but I pretended I did and replied to him

":open_mouth: that “Catholic” was very misinformed than. That is NOT what we believe, I apologize for their ignorance.

Mary is on the other hand often referred to as “Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and Spouse to The Holy Spirit”

But "mother of the trinity is blasphemy to the name of God.

Secondly, that is also not what we believe. We believe Catholicsim is the only real truth, and that it is the church that God intends for us to be apart of, but it isn’t the *only path to heaven. Of course we do believe everyone in heaven will be Catholic, but that they’ll become Catholics after purgatory and when they’ve recieved the truth in Heaven(this probably just confused you though, but it’s teh best I could explain.)

What else did tehy lie about!!! Please excuse them, they are mistaken!"

He said

"how are Catholics not Christians?

Message: oh after me and my friend (she calls us protestants but we have no denomination) told her a short testimony she still says ur not Christina until ur catholic…

anyway purgatory isn’t Biblical. it may be found in one of those 7 extra books but it’s a lie. we are made perfect in the blood of lamb. there is no more cleansing. Jesus is all we need. our flesh rots but spirit is made perfect in him"

so I said " “purgatory isn’t biblical”, oh but isn’t it? it is found throughout the new testament." then I gave him the scriptures about purgatory they haev listed at this site

and I explained how the word purgatory wasn’t in teh bible, but neitehr was trinity, but the concepts were.

He hasn’t responded yet. Do yall think I’ve handld it well? I don’t know whether I should give up on trying to explain to him, but at the same time, I feel if he did understand, he would realize teh Catholic church is the truth(That’s what happened to me, I was fed by all those anti catholic myths by my family and friends, until I learned the truth.)

SO what do you guys think?

Thanks, Oh and sorry if this is the wrong forum& about any typos(I just got this laptop for Christmas and I can’t type well on the keybpard lol)

You handled it quite well! But if you really want to frustrate him…

… Ask him where the blood of the Lamb is. :smiley: I would imagine the following exchange will ensue…

FUNDAMENTALIST: “What do you mean, where is the Blood of the Lamb?”

CATHOLIC: “Well, you can’t take a bath in symbolic blood. So where is the Blood?”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “The Blood is POWER! It is all we need!”

CATHOLIC: “Answer the question.”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “You ask too many questions because you don’t have the Spirit! Water baptism is pagan! No it isn’t. Ask the eunuch in Acts 8.] The real baptism is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit! That’s Confirmation, another sacrament…] And if you say the Sinner’s Prayer, you can…”

CATHOLIC: “So where is the Sinner’s Prayer in the Bible?” It isn’t.]

(crickets chirp)

CATHOLIC: “Oh, and by the way, when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles (Acts 2), there was wind and fire. Real wind and fire. Does that happen when someone in your church receives this ‘baptism in the Spirit’?”

(frogs join the chorus and then eat the crickets)

FUNDAMENTALIST: “You are asking for signs because you don’t have enough faith!”

CATHOLIC: “The Apostles had real signs and worked real miracles. Are there any signs and miracles in your church? We have Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe, the incorruptibles, Eucharistic miracles…”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “Well… uh… the gifts of the Spirit stopped!”

CATHOLIC: “Where is THAT in the Bible?”

(ribbit ribbit ribbit)

CATHOLIC: “Well, I’ll tell you where the Blood of the Lamb is. The Blood is in the chalice on the altar of every Catholic parish after the consecration of the Eucharist. Speaking of which, where do you take people in your church to be married?”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “To the altar, of course!”

CATHOLIC: “Webster defines an altar as a place where sacrifices are offered and definition 2 is where the Eucharist is celebrated…] So why do you have an ‘altar’ in your church if you have no sacrifice?”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “Well, we have our praise…”

CATHOLIC: “Can praise of men take away sins? What happens to people who say to Jesus, ‘Lord, Lord?’”

FUNDAMENTALIST: “… where’s the confessional?”

1- you handled it very well 2-the gentle, respectful, non-aggressive manner in which you addressed his misconceptions and corrected his errors is the best way to avoid putting him in a defensive stance 3-I’ve a great deal of admiration for people who go against everything they’ve been taught on a religious realm to join the Catholic Church, even if they make occasional typos (ha ha).

Invite him to a gay bar so he can kill some homos, Leviticus 20:13. But tell him you won’t be killing any 'cuz Catholics don’t really do what the Bible says.

If he turns you down, tell him Leviticus isn’t in your Bible because homophobic hate can’t be inspired scripture. He’ll say, “You reject Leviticus because it goes against your beliefs.” At that point fall silent and let it sink in :wink: but he probably won’t get it.

Most of these fundamentalist Protestants already have their minds made up about how the Bible is to be interpreted, etc, but they usually don’t have answers for 1 Cor 10:16-17, which supports the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, or 1 Peter 3:18-20, which is to me the most supporting passage in the entire Bible about Purgatory.

And if he asks about praying to Mary and the saints, apparitions, etc, ask him who appeared at Jesus’s transfiguration. Was it not Moses and Elijah? Hadn’t they already died centuries before? But yet they stood with Jesus. That would mean that they weren’t still sleeping in the grave as some Protestant denominations might say.

I think inside their hearts, this is what happen most of the time. Even my Latin teacher, a non-Christian wise guy also admitted that the Catholic Church is the most knowledgeable in all Christendom. But in reality, despite what you tell them, most of them will not put up to a fair debate. I once debated with a fundamentalist Protestant who thinks that Catholics ain’t Christians. Despite my reasoning, my historical documents, the writings of the saints and etc., she nevertheless continue on her rant on how the Church added the 7 books in the Council of Trent(junk history) and that the Eucharist is not the authentic Christian rite(more junk history).

Some people just afraid to accept the truth, some others are arrogant. What we can only do is to use the best of our knowledge, and through our lives show to them how authentically Christian are we.

By the way, love the cricket part:D:D:D

Please tell me you asked her why the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom—what, 4th century?—not only includes the Eucharist, it has readings from the Deuterocanon.

And then you could watch her head explode, like a Star Trek robot exposed to a paradox, merely at having to work the Orthodox into her conspiracy theory.

I second the motion. In my own conversion I found that the presence of the Orthodox Churches caused all of the fundamentalist black legends to explode.

Well, turns out, he’s just anti Catholic, he’s anti-every denomination(He claims he doesn’t trust any churches and he doesn’t have a denomination)

Every verse i give his responce is “You misinterpreted that”, but doesn’t give the “right” interpretation, or he just changes the subject without adressing the verses at all lol.
I think it’s kinda funny because i can tell he doesn’t have a valid argument, so he acts like one of those little kids sticking their fingers in their ears saying “nanananana I can’t hear you” lols

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